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Jan 14, 2007 08:11 PM

where are craft or microbrews in delray beach area

i'm going back to delray this week and wondering where i can at least purchase sierra nevada at a store. but in the evening i would like to find a place with good brews on tap. i know all about the south beach area. but i'm staying in delray and don't want to drink and drive. HELP!

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  1. i've never been to delray beach, but did a google maps search and came up with a place called blue anchor british pub in delray and red lion pub in boynton. not craft, but i bet they'd have some decent beer.

    just south of delray, in boca, is brewzzi's.

    also, in coral springs (which doesn't look too far away on the map) is this place:


    1. Blue anchor pub is really fun! they have good beers on tap. the other places recommended are also good. To buy Sierra nevada, I'd head to Crown Liquor stores. There are several in the area. Just do a google search.

      1. all great info. you guys are life savers. last time i was there i thought i would cry over the lack of good brew that is easy to find. i'll check them all out. also thanks for the links.

        1. In Boca Raton, on Glades west of 95 is a place called Brewzzi's, who makes their own beer. They make about 4 regulars and 1 rotating special. The regulars are nothing to brag about but the special is usually solid.
          Also, I second Blue Anchor Pub, I've been there many times and they have a good selection of European Beers as well as select American Micros such as Dog Fish IPA.(You won't find that on tap anywhere else around here).

          1. i've sampled a few of brewzzi's beers at local beer festivals in central FL - quite good!