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Jan 14, 2007 07:43 PM

Pierrade cooking

After reading the article in the Times food section this past Wednesday, I'd like to try cooking on slate, but I don't have a fireplace (Brooklyn apartment...). Can anyone recommend a pierrade appliance? Thanks

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  1. Gosh, could you please supply some info? I have no idea what what this is.

      1. Take a look at a cooking store that sells raclette pans. This is a French "grille" that is like a little table top salamander. One option is a stone surface that sits atop the broiler and can sear meats. Raclette parties are fun since it is interactive dining/cooking, and less messy than fondue.

        1. I can't recommend one, but Zabar's used to carry a couple of different brands, usually combination raclette grills. Don't think I've seen them at Broadway Panhandler, but they might have them as well. At least you'd be able to look at them in person.