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Jan 14, 2007 07:35 PM

Restaurant at the Griffith Park Observatory

Has anyone eaten at the cafe/restaurant at the newly rennovated Griffith Park Observatory? Is it any good?

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  1. Terrible. Long lines. Very disorganized. Hard to even get a sandwich! Everything's mediocre.

    Bring a picnic lunch and eat on the fabulous terrace overlooking the city. You'll be MUCH happier!

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    1. re: Reeter1

      I thought they weren't allowing people to bring their own food to the observatory. If they did no one would eat at that awful cafe. We were there opening week and they didn't have hot food yet and the sandwiches were horrible at any price, but cost too much.

      1. re: VickyLin

        Maybe you can't bring your own food right into the cafe area, but there are certainly plenty of benches and other places in the immediate vicinity to perch. They can't stop you from eating in Griffith Park!

    2. Standard Museum Cafe fare. The view alone is worth the trip

      1. I just ate there on Saturday. I had the rare roast beef sandwich (which wasn't rare at all). All it had on it was the roast beef and a slice of cheddar cheese, no greens or anything. And it came with a container of whole grain mustard- more mustard than you could eat on 5 sandwiches. Others in my party had the ham and cheese sandwich, the cesar wrap, the strawberry parfait, and a muffin. Nothing was that great. I think I'd try a salad next time, they looked better. The bread was good though. Everything was expensive. $2.50 for a 20 oz coke sandwiches were $7-8. We ate at 1 PM and there was no line; it was very crowded at 11:30 though.

        I initially wanted to bring a picnic lunch too. Their website clearly says no picnics and no food on the shuttle. My mom walked on with a drink in her hand. When we got to the top there were a couple picnic tables with people eating full spreads of Subway and other lunch items. Why picnic tables if there's no picnics? But there are also ash trays on the top of some of the trash cans and they also say there's no smoking in Griffith Park.

        The observatory itself if fabulous. I highly recommend the planetarium show.