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Jan 14, 2007 07:33 PM

Marcella's Chicken w/ Lemons - Any Consensus on What to Roast It in?

I'm making this for the first time tonight. Our usual way of roasting chickens is to heat the oven on the highest temp, fill the cavity with some herbs/lemons/garlic - whatever is around - and roast breast side up the whole time in an oval cazuela - for about 20 minutes and then lower to 425 for about another 30-40 minutes.

The cazuela seems to work well, b/c it is the perfect size for the bird - as opposed to my larger stainless steel heavy duty rectangular roasting pan.

So, I'm wondering what the best pan to use is ... I've read through a lot of threads and seen a lot of suggestions. I do have a cast iron skillet (one suggestion made), though I'm not sure it's large enough to fit my chicken. And, I guess my other concern is about the breast sticking to the pan when I go to turn it over.


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  1. I usually make Marcella's lemon chicken in an oval Le Creuset baking dish. It's the right size for the chicken and has enough surface area so that those wonderful juices won't slosh over the edge.

    1. I always roast my Marcella chicken in a 12-inch cast-iron skillet. I've never had problems with turning it over--I think the breast skin renders so much fat, it basically greases the pan, and my cast-iron skillet is pretty nonstick.

      1. I do mine in a 10" cast iron skillet. Whenever I tried to use a Le Creuset the breast skin would stick.

        1. I also use a 1 1/2-quart oval Le Creuset gratin, but I also "cheat" and lightly butter or oil the bottom. Or I quickly open the oven after 5 minutes and jiggle the gratin so that the breast skin won't stick.

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          1. re: Tom Steele

            I'm wondering if my cazuela is in effect the same thing ...

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              I use a cast-iron skillet, but that's because I don't have a cazuela. I'd go ahead an try it. It cetainly makes for a lovlier presentation.

          2. I make mine in a roasting pan, same as for any other fowl that has the ill grace to make it to my oven.

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            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              LOL. Mine is in the cazuela, with a smear (I know that's wrong!) of olive oil underneath the breast. I'll report back. Off to shave the bottarga.