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Jan 14, 2007 07:19 PM

Dallas Pizza - crazy toppings - i.e. potato and bacon

Here's a problem I hope someone can help me with...

Recently my bf visited Portland and had a pizza topped with potato and bacon that he can't stop gushing about. I'd love to find out some places that serve pizzas with "out-there" toppings to search for this elusive pizza here in Dallas. Internet research and the like has proven futile, so hopefully someone here can help! If not potato and bacon, I'd still like to take him out for some unusual pizza eats.

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  1. Try Coal Vines at brunch, when they serve pizza benedict, sunny-side-up pizzas and a lox pizza. Fireside Pies also has some non-standard toppings, like "Peta Pie." Of course, there is also CPK; they're serving a mango and tandoori chicken pizza these days, along with some of their more unorthodox standards.