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Old Dutch

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Looking for this brand of potato chip and can't seem to find it at any convenience or grocery stores. Preferably downtown Toronto but would drive to get my favorite childhood chips.

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  1. They distribute only in Western Canada, so the only place you might find them here is in a specialty store that sort of 'imports' them.

    1. As a formet 'Pegger i sorely miss my OD Ketchup chips. I have run across them very infrequently at some of the oddest locations, mostly downtown. Not however recently(haven't been Dtown as much lately). First spot gas station (independent and small) west of spadina on king, north side of street. Near the Bovine on Queen, can't tell you exactly but north side of street and West of Bar in a convenience store north side of street. And lastly another convenience store on Walmer rd, North of Bloor one street W. Of Spadina.
      Again none of these may have the crispy treasure as its been awhile since i've been to any. Sorry about the vagueness of my directions, but my purchases often came after a few beers.

      1. I used to buy them at the Hasty Market on King W. at Tecumseth... only problem is they closed about a year ago. Maybe other Hasty Markets would have them?

        1. I used to live across the street from the St. Lawrence Market and there is a grocery store on the corner of George and The Esplanade (the northwest corner) that carries them. (George St. is one block west of Jarvis)

          I'm from Calgary....mmmm, sour cream 'n onion Old Dutch, and ketchup!

          1. They were readily avail a few years ago in TO...i went on a little bit of a nostaliga gobble fest...the SV better than anyone else. & the ketchup yes yes yes. I had heard that Hostess had provlems wit OD being in the east and sent them packing back to the western end of canada. Im from Calgary also so in withdrawls also for Longview Beef Jerky anyone remember that one from home.

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              Hmmm...Old Dutch is an old and venerable Winnipeg business. If anything "sent them packing" back to the West, it was the aggressive marketing and low pricing of the Hostess brand in Ontario over the last few years (Hostess is owned by PepsiCo, so they can afford it).

              We need to learn how to Buy Canadian, folks!

              However, you are not likely to see Old Dutch in Ontario much anymore since Humpty Dumpty purchased Old Dutch almost 2 years ago. It's not likely that they would cannibalize their own brand and bring Old Dutch back.

              BTW, I am a Torontonian via Edmonton and last month I visited home. My wife and I brought back boxes of our favourite flavour, BBQ. I also enjoy their unique Onion & Garlic and Creamy Dill varieties.

            2. Sadly there were some postings on this topic some time ago, and my understanding was that they had ceased distribution in TO. However I too would be pleased if they came back. DId Humpty Dumpty really buy them? That's like the Baby Duck brand buying Pol Roger and forsing them out of the market. Old Dutch: the champagne of potato chips.

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                Sorry, guys, I had it backwards...actually Old Dutch bought Humpty Dumpty.


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                  That's great news! Now they should be able to control the distribution of product in the marketplace! Maybe there's truth to the rumours discussed above.

              2. There is an article in the National Post this morning (arts and leisure) about Old Dutch's planned invasion of the East (here is a link, but you will have to register):


                Essentially they are planning a slow (re-) introduction of the product East of Thunder Bay, beginning in April, but will start ONLY with Arriba and restaurante brand tortilla chips, and Dutch Crunch Kettle chips, but not the regular chips. They are also considering playing with the Humpty Dumpty recipes to make them taste more like Old Dutch, but they want to keep that brand in the East as it is established. The bad news is that they say they have no plans to introduce the distinctive twin-pack boxes to the East, however, as it "probably wouldn't be as well received”…as in the West.

                At least its a start! Funny thing is they make no mention of the previous availability of Old Dutch in Toronto, and why they stopped distribution last year. The article makes it sound as if they have never tried this before.

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                  I have to say that the Arriba and Kettle Chips are probably my least favourite chips in their lineup. I wonder why they picked them as the ones to reintroduce the brand in the East? Perhaps they are concerned that the quality of the regular chips will bite into Humpty Dumpty sales.

                  BTW, the TACO flavour of Old Dutch tortilla chips that preceded the Arriba was truly excellent. They weren't laden with cheese powder, instead they had a smoked chile and cumin taste that was so addictive.

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                    They're advertised on page 9 of this week's Loblaws flyer.

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                      I having been buying them for a couple of weeks already! I am very happy to report that they are indeed selling my favourite Arriba flavour, the Zesty Taco.

                2. I'm sure I just saw them on the weekend in a Food Basics grocery store.

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                    I see them in Brent Butt's store on "Corner Gas" along with my favourite cheezies, Hawkins.