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Jan 14, 2007 06:35 PM

Old Dutch

Looking for this brand of potato chip and can't seem to find it at any convenience or grocery stores. Preferably downtown Toronto but would drive to get my favorite childhood chips.

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  1. They distribute only in Western Canada, so the only place you might find them here is in a specialty store that sort of 'imports' them.

    1. As a formet 'Pegger i sorely miss my OD Ketchup chips. I have run across them very infrequently at some of the oddest locations, mostly downtown. Not however recently(haven't been Dtown as much lately). First spot gas station (independent and small) west of spadina on king, north side of street. Near the Bovine on Queen, can't tell you exactly but north side of street and West of Bar in a convenience store north side of street. And lastly another convenience store on Walmer rd, North of Bloor one street W. Of Spadina.
      Again none of these may have the crispy treasure as its been awhile since i've been to any. Sorry about the vagueness of my directions, but my purchases often came after a few beers.

      1. I used to buy them at the Hasty Market on King W. at Tecumseth... only problem is they closed about a year ago. Maybe other Hasty Markets would have them?

        1. I used to live across the street from the St. Lawrence Market and there is a grocery store on the corner of George and The Esplanade (the northwest corner) that carries them. (George St. is one block west of Jarvis)

          I'm from Calgary....mmmm, sour cream 'n onion Old Dutch, and ketchup!

          1. The original comment has been removed