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Jan 14, 2007 05:31 PM

special occasion restaurant near North Scottsdale

We are going down to visit my snowbird parents in March. We love Spring training. They stay in North Scottsdale. We are celebrating a belated birthday during that time and looking for a nice place for four to have dinner. We're not limited to Scottsdale but prefer something that is less than a half hour drive in any direction.

My husband and I are chowhounds from Seattle. My folks are a little more conservative in their dining, so nothing extremely ethnic or spicy. We've already been to T. Cooks and they like that but we want to try somewhere new.

Any ideas appreciated.

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  1. Some worthy options off the top of head:

    Vu (Hyatt Regency Gainey Ranch)--

    Elements (Sanctuary Resort)--

    Lon's (Hermosa Inn)--

    There is Binkley's in Carefree, which is also a great high-end spot, fantastic for special occasions. Depending on where exactly in northern Scottsdale you will be staying however, it could be a bit of a drive--

    1. I second the recommendations above and add a recommendation for Mosaic, in the Pinnacle Peak area:

      1. Try Michael's at the Citadel. Wonderful food and service.

        1. Although I personally have mixed reviews about it, Sassi ( is a good overall experience and certainly provides great ambiance.

          1. Bloom @ the Shops at Gainey Village is nice

            Also Razz in the Windmill Plaza on Scottsdale Road and Gold Dust is always a treat! Try his tasting menu and have the sommelier pair it w/ wines by the glass...makes for a fabulous evening. His Duck Cakes are wonderful!