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Jan 14, 2007 05:26 PM

Madiba is gone

Passed by today and saw a business for sale sign in place of the name.

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  1. Those of us who aren't Madiba regulars might like to know what you are talking about and where it is.


    1. Sorry Bob, Madiba the South African Restaurant, Purdy St., Miami Beach

      1. the issue was that there werent many madiba regulars. The place was too expensive

        1. across the street from us and never had a desire to try. love that kind of food, just overpriced for what it was; one of their appetizers 'bunny chow' is a classic poor-mans food- curry in a bread round. used to pay $3 for it in st martin- they were charging $14 for the vegetarian and up from there.

          any rumblings on what is going in there?

          1. Who knows. I only went once when it first opened and it was so overpriced that we never went back. They had a huge space and were very ambitious but I guess it didn't work out. It seems like the type of place that should've been in a smaller, out of the way space (e.g. A on NE 4th Ave.).