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Jan 14, 2007 05:20 PM

Great "business dinner" spot near Four Seasons?

Hi all!

Any suggestions for my husband? His boss is flying in from Denver tonight (Sunday), and staying at the Four Seasons. We are pretty unfamiliar with that area and he's trying to find an appropriate place to take him for dinner. He's looking for a restaurant with great food, preferrably steak, not necessarily top-dollar - although he doesn't want to take him to Swiss Chalet either, if you know what I mean!

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Suzette

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  1. The obvious choice would be Morton's, right across the street. I guess it depends on what you mean by "top dollar".

    1. You'd need to confirm which of these is open on Sundays but...Morton's steakhouse is pretty much across the street from the Four Seasons. Opus is just a couple of blocks away - cozy room, Italian food (though I'm sure they have steak) and an extensive wine cellar. There's also Pangaea on Bay Street, just north of Bloor. If all else fails, they could eat at Avenue, the downstairs lobby bar/resto at the hotel.

      1. The steak at Prego is excellent. It's about 50 steps away from the Four Seasons.

        (personally, I hate the meat and the sides at Morton so much. And it's crazy top dollar).

        1. Opus is great-however definately not Italian. The two brothers that own Opus are Portugese and the food is continental. You cannot go wrong with any of the game on the menu and the tuna app is great. Although not listed on the menu definately get a side of fries (well-done.