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Jan 14, 2007 05:15 PM

Post-game recommendation

Looking for a suggestion for a group of ten after the Temple/La Salle game on Feb 4th. It will be a early dinner/late lunch at about 4:00. We'd like to keep the entree price around $20 per person.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. uhm, perhaps obvious to others, but... where's the game taking place?

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    1. re: rabidog

      At Temple...but we're not looking to eat in North Philly.

    2. ah, okay. any place you do choose to go, i would certainly call first for hours since many places close between lunch and dinner...

      if you've got a big group, bar ferdinand (spanish tapas) in northern liberties would be fun - it's fairly easy to keep your food prices around $20, since you'd order 3 - 4 small plates per person. though i'm not a fan of their sangria. there's a white wine there, similar to sauvignon blanc i think (though i forget what it's called), it's a bit pricey at $10 a glass but it's one of my favorite wines ever. the garlic shrimp and the salad with the mandarin oranges aren't to be missed!

      also, on the other side of town is a place i keep forgetting about, i've not yet tried but my fairmount foodie friends absolutely swear by this place: the rose tattoo cafe at 19th and callowhill. i swear this is going to be one of the next places i visit!

      at least both are on the north side of center city, making an easier commute from temple.

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      1. re: rabidog

        Rabidog, thanks for the suggestions. Bar Ferdinand sounds interesting, but I forgot to mention that my B-i-L has celiac disease and can't eat anything that has wheat in it. Is my assumption correct that the tapas would all be wrapped in something made with wheat?

        I also liked the menu for Rose Tattoo, but it looks like they are closed on Sundays.

        Do you have any other suggestions? As long as we can get to it by subway or drive fairly easily, we don't mind where we go. One of our group suggested Cuba Libre...what do you think about there? Since we all have a 2 hour drive home, it's not necessary for us to have cocktails although that would be a nice touch. Philly is such a big place with so many choices, but I like recommendations since I'm "in charge" of this adventure!

        Thanks in advance,

        1. re: Dymonnprl

          I believe you're confusing "tapas", which just means "little plates", with "tacos". Nothing is necessarily wrapped in anything.

          One other suggestion, based on reputation alone: find out if <a href=";&gt;Os...> has opened by then.

          1. re: Hardart

            when is l'osteria set to open, anyone know? i'll try to remember to do a drive-by today. :) i'm sure it's going to be fab.

          2. re: Dymonnprl

            You are in luck because there are lots of places in Philly that are Celiac friendly. Unfortunately, the hours you are looking to dine will limit things a bit.

            The best option for that time of day and price range is Radicchio at 4th and wood. It is an excellent byo Italian. Almost all entrees with the exception of the pastas can be done GF. It is also an easy hop onto vine street expressway or 95.

            If you have time after dinner drop by Mr. Ritts bakery for gluten free goodies. Capigiro gelato is also gluten free and a real treat.

            1. re: joluvscards

              Just remembered one other place that might be open at that time and celiac friendly, Taco Riendo. Here is a recent post:

              1. re: joluvscards

                i was going to suggest that, too, having just been there yesterday, but it sounded like they were looking for something a bit more upscale. also, given the size of the place they may have trouble accommodating a group of 10, but i'm not familiar enough with them yet to know if they are busy around this time of day. oh, hey, i did remember to scan in their menu today, though: ( you can email me at for a higher quality pdf of the taco riedo menu if interested)

        2. Cuba Libre has a nice atmosphere but the food unfortunately doesn't cut it in my opinion. Where are you coming from and what kind of food/atmosphere are you looking for and are you taking the subway, driving or a combination of both? Maybe one of the taqueiras on Washington ave could fit the bill. Could definitely eat for under $20 per person and there is parking available at a lot on Washington at 9th for $1 if you can't find a spot on the street.

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          1. re: Tonyjlive

            If you're asking where "home" is...we're coming from Harrisburg. If you mean where will we be prior to eating...we'll be in North Philly (Liacorus Center). We're looking for some place laid back and "comfortable" since we'll be coming from the game. The subway is good...driving isn't out, although we'd have to take several cars.
            As far as the cost...I just don't want to determine what everyone's pocketbook can withstand, so I said $20 average. I'm figuring the three I'm paying for will run me about $100 with food and tip.

          2. If you are doing Northern Liberties.. I would highly recommend Stndard Tap.. can handle large crowd.. ever changing menu (big fan of their smelt) .. great burger... as well as vegetarian options.