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Jan 14, 2007 05:12 PM

Global - not very satisfactory.

Two of us went for dinner at Global last night.

Our first impression was that it was very noisy. This was in part due to a table of sixteen seated on an elevated platform who were clearly having the time of their lives. But without this bunch of rowdies, I think it still would have been a lean-over-the table sort of place if you wanted to hear what the other person was saying.

The food was only so-so. They were out of the scallops and pork belly which is what I wanted to try, so I settled for the oysters which were oddly tasteless and served with the smallest piece of lemon I've ever seen. When I asked for an oyster fork I was told, somewhat dismissively, that the only fork they provided was the dinner fork. I had the farmer's plate duck, which was tasty, but the vegetables were no more than ordiary. The filling of the banana cream tart was pleasant but the pastry shell was unusually tough. My companion also had the farmer's plate but choose the steak intead. Farmer's plate is listed on the menus as costing $32 but when we got the bill my duck was charged at $24 and her steak at $38. When we asked why the steak was even more expensive than the regular steak listed on the menu we were told that it was "better". Are restaurants allowed to charge what they think without signalling this on the menu?

Service was poor. Bread came after the first course had arrived and we had to ask twice for a glass of water. Our waiter was bossy in telling us what we should drink with our food not asking us what we would like. He decided that I should have a muscadet with my oysters but although I said I would prefer a savignon blanc, I was nevertheless served a muscadet and charged accordingly.

Last Saturday we went to Batifole for the first time. What a difference! Quieter, cheaper ($67.00 pp. as opposed to $99.00), better food and much better service. I don't think we'll be hurrying back to Global in the near future.

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  1. Lol, first of all I think you went to Globe...not Global.

    Secondly...Globe probably cost 1.5 million to build, Batifole cost $35K. So I would hope that your dinner at Globe would be a touch more expensive!

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    1. re: The Macallan 18

      I heard that to reno for Globe was more than 1.5M. but I don't know how they could get anywhere near that, considering what the decor is. They would have been better off leaving the old Cafe Brussels interior, which was still in great shape and looked good. What did it cost to remove the previous interiour and then paint it beige? It couldn't be any more than 35k.

      My wife and I enjoyed our visit there in early December, hopefully it's still good.

        1. re: foodyDudey

          Uh, no. Cafe Brussel had the most pretentious, off-putting interior of any restaurant I've been to in Toronto. I gladly would have taken a sledgehammer to it myself. Whatever you may think of the food at Globe, it looks fantastic -- a huge improvement.

      1. Expensive doesn't always translate into good.
        If the spent 1.5 million and are serving average food why bother. All you end up doing is paying for their construction and getting nothing in return.

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          Exactly. Who cares how much the reno cost? Bring me food and service worthy of the extra expense and I will be back. Otherwise I am not going to help them pay for their investment. Seems silly to me to relate the two, beyond theory.

          Meanwhile we havent been yet and look forward to an upcoming reservation!

        2. Yeah seriously who cares. I can't wait to try Globe but if I don't enjoy it, the expensive reno is not going to make me feel better.

          Most restaurants in Toronto have a way to go before they approach the overall quality of Batifole.

          1. Was in TO for Xmas and had dinner at the Globe Bistro on a Friday night. I made the reservation for 4 on Tuesday for 8:00 pm after calling Trevor which was so busy they offered us 5:30 pm or 9:30 pm.

            It was quite busy at the bar and in the restaurant. Caution - lack of parking is a real issue. The Green P was packed and we had to circle the residential streets for a parking spot - not easy. Really could use valet parking a la LA...

            The four of us had a great dinner. 4 starters (beets w/proscuitto, lobster bisque, foie gras and one other), 4 (2 farmers plate, lobster, grilled fish) mains, 2 desserts, 2 cappucinos, 2 coffees and 1 bottle of wine was $300 before tip.

            The two that had the farmers plate (lamb 3 ways) loved their dish - I thought they were going to lick their plates.

            We sat in the corner by the stairs to the next level. Tables too close together for private conversation and the room temp was a bit warm. Only kink in the evening was the fire alarm that went off when a server came through an emergency exit door and it took a while to turn off (probably only 3-4 minutes) but felt longer due to the piercing noise.

            I would highly recommend GB as food was fantastic and not very expensive. Decor - didn't love it, didn't hate it but wouldn't consider it to be a romantic dinner location.

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            1. re: TOgirl

              There's reasonably cheap parking in the Loblaws lot on Broadview, just south of Danforth.

            2. I was there on Friday in early January and 4 of us had a superb meal. Only reason I didn't write it up then was that we headed off for warmer climes (and disappointing food) just after.
              We blew the budget on wine - 3 bottles including real Champagne and the total bill, including gratuity was $225 per couple. Great value - with less extravagant wine $100 per person should easily cover it.

              For that we had full meals (not everybody had dessert), but including the venison (most expensive item on the menu). It was a New Year celebration, so I wasn't taking notes, but our general view was that this was the most impressive 'opening' in 2006. We're already planning our next visit - although their menu is now changing to a winter menu.

              And this was our substitute choice - we had tried to get into Habitat but they were closed that week. We felt fortunate!
              We were seated upstairs and received great service. And nobody else's conversation intruded on ours. Certainly plenty of bustle - but not noisy.

              We (fortunately) found free street parking as we circled to the Green P - but I agree parking could be an issue, so thanks Estragon for the Loblaws hint.