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Jan 14, 2007 04:58 PM

Marco Island Recs

Any recommendations for Marco Island restaurants? Since the restaurant scene can change and there haven't been any posts on Marco for about a year...can anyone update me? The family doesn't care for anything they consider "way out"...seafood, steak, bbq, chicken, etc., is the way they tend to go.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Snook Inn is a place good for seafood. My husband and I go there often and sit by the window over the water, occasionally catching glimpses of dolphin jumping up from the water. You can also sit outside. Tara's Steakhouse is a great steak place. Not cheap, but good.

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      Thanks for the recommendations. Do you know of anywhere that perhaps hasn't been mentioned because its a hole in the wall or an undiscovered gem?

    2. Unfortunately, I don't know too many places on Marco. We live in Naples, which is very close, but we haven't had an opportunity to find those undiscovered gems which surely must exist in Marco. I know of many places, but don't like to make recommendations unless I myself have been there.

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        I may have been to Snook Inn last year. Is it in an area sort of like a marina with a stone parking lot that's not very big? Maybe the area is more like a cul-de-sac than a marina (I don't remember seeing boats!).

      2. The restaurants on Marco often disappoint. My favorite is The Crazy Flamingo- the Thai grouper beats out any other grouper I have had on Marco or Naples in both price and taste.The place has no waitstaff so you have to order from the bar but I have never been disappointed here. I also recommend The Little Bar in Goodland and Stan's in Goodland. Both offer local color and good food.