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Jan 14, 2007 04:49 PM

Daphne Greek Cafe - short report

We had dinner last night at Daphne's Greek Cafe in Sunnyvale (in the new bldg with the new Peet's). You'd think it'd suffer in comparison to our wonderful meal at Dio Deka the night before, but we were pleasantly surprised.

The gyros appetizer was pretty big for $5: strips of gyros that were much moister than they looked, blobs of so-so hummus (needed more garlic and salt), tasty tzakziki, and a delicious, red, spicy feta mixture. The accompanying pita bread was fresh.

The $9 veggie platter held greasy but good deep-fried spanakopita, some hohum dolmas, a decent salad, hummus, pita, and the best falafel I'd ever had (soft, moist, flavorful disks instead of the usual round dry golf balls).

The place was mobbed all day, according to the manager, and I believe him from the looks of the place every time I was at Peet's.

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  1. I believe this small chain has locations in Petaluma and Santa Rosa too.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Yes, and according to the brochure, it's also in Daly City, Pleasant Hill, San Mateo, Walnut Creek, Natomas, and two in Roseville. We saw one in Temecula or Ontario, last year, but that's another story.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        It's a small chain with good representation in Southern California. Finally, one I can chow at when I'm visiting the parentals up North!

      2. I've been eating at SoCal Daphne's periodically for several years. I'm interested in the comment about their falafel. For a long time they used very hard, ball-shaped golfballs that tasted fine on the inside, but were very hard on the outside. A year or so ago they switched to the smallish 'hockey-pucks'. These have better texture, but they don't seem to have the flavor of the old ones or, more importantly, of anything like real falafel. How would you compare them to what you'd be served at a more 'local' place?

        There used to be a small take-out place near my home, in San Clemente, that had amenu similar to Daphne's, but everything was fresh and home-made. Their falafel reminded me of what I've had in Israel (or New York). I like Daphne's a lot. Just can't get past their falafel. They just seem like something you'd find in the freezer section of your supermarket, and never try again.

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        1. re: Midlife

's a mystery. I love falafels, but hate the hard golf ball ones (actually, more like ping pong balls). The Daphne mini-pucks were pretty moist, and as flavorful as any I can recall. Maybe I'm losing it. Hopefully, others will chime in on this.

          1. re: Claudette

            The Daphne's in Daly City is in the Westlake Shopping Center off John Daly Blvd. This small chain serves pretty good food. My husband and I really like their kabob plates -- the chicken and beef combo is good with nice rice and salad sides. I like their salad dressing a lot and the greens are fresh -- leaf lettuce, not iceberg, and good tomatoes. We always order the "Fire Feta Zesta" appetizer w/falafal -- it's not really spicy hot, but it's very tasty -- we get the one with 2 zestas. They have a website that contains the complete menu and locations --

        2. Oh, I've been to the one in Daly City (it's right by Trader Joe's) but forgot to post on it. Kind of a good idea, although also quite generic. Everything had a choice of fried or grilled chicken breast that could be added.

          Very friendly fast food service; with a tip jar. I thought they needed to decide if they were going to have sit down service or not rather than half and half.

          Struck me as a potentially healthier alternative to fast food and easy to fill up for under $7; but not the Greek diner substitute I've been craving.

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          1. re: Windy

            That's exactly the same impression I had when I dropped by the one in Pleasant Hill. I had one of their falafel combos as well - it wasn't bad (doesn't come close to the worse I've had) but I'd rather drive over to The Mediterranean in Concord for their much tastier version.