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Isreali Couscous

Anyone know where to get some? Whole Foods doesn't seem to have any...

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  1. I would think The Butcherie would be your spot. Why Israeli? Just curious. Is there anyhting different about it?

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      Israeli couscous refers to the large-sized couscous pearls.

    2. I have found it at every WF, in the bulk sections, or, in the stores that don't have bulk bins, pre-packed in one pound containers.

      1. Christinas in Cambridge may have it.

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        1. I think I've bought it at Foodie's Market on Washington Street in the South End.

          1. The Butcherie on Harvard St. definitely has it.

            1. Strangely enough, Ocean State Job Lot in Quincy had it last week in small one pound bags. Haven't tried it yet, but it looked fine to me.

              1. YES! I stock up at Ocean State Job Lots on Rt 1 --.99 per bag! (even the ocean state in Palmer MA has had it)

                1. I got a big bag of it at the middle eastern grocery store next to the Franklin Cafe on Shawmut Ave. in the South End.

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                    The store is called The Syrian Grocer, and it's open Tu-Sa 11-6:30ish. Highly recommended for any Middle-Eastern ingredient. No better place to get imported olives than from the barrels he keeps in the corner. Also a very good source for spices in bulk.

                  2. i've bought it at whole foods... and i just bought some at polcari's in the north end.

                    now who knows how to cook it so it doesn't get sticky? i've tried toasting it first, and even that doesn't work.

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                      Please post on the Home Cooking board for couscous cooking tips. Thanks.

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                        Just posted on the Home Cooking Board about preparing Cous Cous without sticking.

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                          Can confirm Polcaris-corner of Salem and Parmenter.

                        2. You can find it at Formaggio Kitchen/Huron Village. Also if you're up in Newburyport, Joppa Fine Foods in the Tannery carries it. But I agree with galleygirl - I'm positive I've seen it at WF-Woburn.

                          1. I just purchased some at WF. It was not where the "regular" cous cous was. It comes in a round see-thru container and is labeled "Mid Eastern Cous Cous". It was WF brand.

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                              If it was not where the "regular" cous cous was, where in the store can I find it.? Plan on making a chicken tagine this weekend and israeli cous cous would be perfect to serve w it.

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                                Apparently it can be in different locations! My DC had purchased it near the "regular" cous cous in the Cambridge WF. We did not see it there in the Charles River Park WF, so we had to ask someone behind the deli counter where it was. Armed with both the "Irseali" and "Mid Eastern" monikers, someone working there should be able to help you find it.

                            2. Wilson Farms in Lexington has it in boxes.

                              1. Whole Foods has it in the bulk section and I was very pleased to find that Trader Joe's has recently started carrying it in a box.

                                1. I bought a box of Israeli couscous at the Reading Market Basket.

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                                    I bought some recently at Trader Joe's. It was the first time I saw Israeli couscous there. I think I was in the Needham store.

                                  2. I also bought it at Armenian store Lamejun Bakery on Belmont str in Cambridge ( not sure, maybe it is actually Belmont)

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                                      The store is Eastern Lamejun on Belmont St. in Camb. There Lamejun is excellent along with their Hummus and Eggplant dip.

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                                        The store is Eastern Lamejun Bakers on Belmont Street in Belmont, not Cambridge.

                                    2. I've bought it in the Kosher section of the Star Market in Allston.