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leftovers in your fridge right now - what are you going to do with them.

I've got a sandwich container of leftover rotisserie chicken and some flavored rice. Looking forward to some fried rice for dinner.

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  1. I usually don't have leftovers of rotisserie chicken...but I did this weekend and I made chicken enchiladas with them.

    1. The meatloaf I made last night is already gone: it makes a great breakfast with a little leftover rice! :-)

      1. I'm about to use my leftover beans to make some vegetarian tamales.

        1. Leftover roast chicken becomes Chicken & Dumplings shortly!

          1. I have leftover chicken breasts stuffed with prosciutto and sun-dried tomatoes. I'll remove the stuffing and will slice them thinly and add to a spicy Thai noodle soup I have. I usually use shrimp but thought I'd use up the chicken instead.

            1. I have a good amount of leftover grilled pork tenderloin. Tomorrow I will cut it up, toss it with a little oil and cumin, and broiled it until the edges are crispy, for a version of carnitas, served with corn tortillas and salsa.

              1. I've been using leftover pureed veggie soups for pasta sauces: both the carrot and the cauliflower stilton worked very nicely tossed with some pasta and some diced ham.

                1. Leftover sauteed mushrooms (grown by a friend), onion, finely chopped steak (a previous BBQ leftover), and garlic will go into an omelette.

                  1. Leftover rice pilaf with peas was livened up with lots of sliced scallions that had been in the fridge for "awhile" and a healthy dash of soy sauce. Served with leftover roast pork. For another meal, almost questionable celery went into the soup pot for a variation of barley and bean minestrone soup. Instead of green beans I added the remnants of a bag of mixed frozen Mediterranean vegetables (summer squash, carrots, beans, peppers). I left out the potatos. Most of the soup was staple ingredients from the pantry (canned chicken broth, barley, onions). I was also surprised the fresh parsley I used was still in good shape because I couldn't remember how long it had been in the fridge. I don't think my husband cared for the soup so I'll be eating the rest of it. He really wanted turkey and rice but I didn't defrost the leftover turkey breast.

                    1. boiled gammon for pea soup.
                      roast chicken for curried chicken pasties, I love these, they bear no relation to real chicken curry but I can't wait for lunch tomorrow!