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Jan 14, 2007 03:31 PM

Fun/Interesting restaurant for young teen's birthday (Boston North)

Seeking your help finding a restaurant to celebrate birthday for "foodie" teen with a few of her friends. Would like a place with an experience - Japanese cooking table, "Fire & Ice" type, Medieval Manor - other ideas? Thanks!

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  1. My nephew loves Fire and Ice, but its not North of Boston...i've never been... I have an idea that would be fun but not very 'foodie'... Jordan's Furniture in Reading for Trapeze School and watching the Bellagio Liquid Fireworks or an Imax movie. The only food there is Fuddruckers which I suppose would be okay if she's not too much of a Foodie. Or you could just do the Richardson's Ice Cream thing since it's right at the trapeeze and water show. Other idea would be the KoreanBBQ place in Burlington where you cook your own food at the table. I didnt like it, but i am a veggie and its 99% meat. Others here like it a lot. There is a pottery place nearby that I wanted to do a birthday at, but couldnt get everyone together. But they sounded very nice and accomodating . You can do pottery there and bring in your own food too. In wakefield theres a Jewelry place called Silver Clay, and I think you can bring food in there too. Sushi Island is right next door, or Duckwalk for Thai. Also, more standard fare would be Plaster Fun Time in Reading with Capri Pizza next door. Their food is decent for standard italian. Maybe they would let you toss the pizza... Also, not north, but i have heard that theres a new 3 course fondue place out in Framingham. Did a birthday party at On the Border in Woburn. Its festive and they do a lot of tableside prep, like guacamole and queso. Not the greatest mexican food by far but the teens i was with loved it. If they stay up late on a Wed nite, the mexican is much better quality at Mexico Lindo in Melrose and Wed nite is Mariachi nite. I guess these are not the best ideas, but may be slim pickings north of the city. Oh, one more that's fun is Dim Sum brunch at China Pearl in Woburn, Its big and lavish and might be fun if they havent seen all the carts of dim sum before.

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      Speaking of Jordan's in Reading, there is also Romano's Macaroni Grill and Chili's right next to it.

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        The fondue place in Framingham is called The Melting Pot. It's a national chain that will open its second Boston-area location in Burlington soon. I didn't care for it at all, but I bet a group of teenagers would. Be careful though: it's surprisingly expensive.

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          This is a year later but... I've tried to eat at The Melting Pot about 4 times. Each time the EARLIEST we could get a same-day reservation was 10p.m. Book early if you want to do fondue at a reasonable time. Haven't tried in 3 months so I don't know if the wait is still as long...

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          In Needham center there a great Japanese Steak house with Benihana like grill called Fuji Steak House. The chefs make quite the show. We were there Saturday night and there were lots of kids and parties there. We didnt make a reservation but wih we had. We ended up waiting for over an hour. Good food and a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.

        3. The food at medievil manor is truely horrid. I mean really really bad, make mcds seem gourmet. Plus its 21+ anyways. Probally because of all the beer but also because the content of the show is inappopriate for someone that age.

          Fire and Ice again horrible. Plus in Harvard Sq, not north.

          I think Chompie has some pretty good ideas.

          I dont know the north shore very well.

          1. At Athenian Corner in Lowell they have free belly dancing shows with a live greek band. I have not been but my GF has and really enjoys it.

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              I had some great food at Athenian Corner a couple of years ago.

            2. Great feedback so far ... thanks! Boston locations ok too. Any ideas for in Boston?

              1. Misono on RT 1 is good (Japanese)& they do the whole cooking on the table thing.