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Jan 14, 2007 03:13 PM

weekend in Boston- Not fancy Italian,but maybe FIgs?

I will be spending a weekend in Boston with the girls in a couple weeks. We would like to have a tasty but not fancy meal in the North End. Price is not as important as food quality. Also we are considering going to figs one night as I have not heard all that much good about Olives. Does anyone have a helpful opinion about this. Lastly I am looking for someplace vibrant for some 40 something women to get some drinks (really just wine usually) and maybe some light snacks. Oh yes and how about some suggestions for lunch near/on Newbury Street. TIA Adi

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  1. Have not been to Figs in Charlestown or Beacon Hill but have been many times to one in Wellesley. The food is quite good, The pizzas are thin and crispy and unusual. The old world bolognese and other pasta dishes are excellent. The main courses are excelent, especially the specials, and the dessert, especially the challah bread pudding with caramel sauce are well conceived and nicely executed.

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      The Figs in Wellesley closed a few months ago. Alta Strada is the newcomer, sometime this spring.

    2. My girlfriends and I had fun at Taranta in the North End this summer - high quality food but not fancy. However, it's not traditional Italian, so you might want to look at their menu online. I also like Antico Forno.

      We had good lunches at both Piattini and Tapeo on Newbury St.

      1. Figs in boston is excellent, although expect to wait for a table! The pizzas truly are unique, and the 5 cheese baked pasta dish is outrageous! As for Olives, I have eaten there several times and always had a good experience, HOWEVER, friends have eaten there and did not enjoy it at all! Its hit or miss! Definitely go for Figs!

        A good place to eat at in the North End is Antico Forno. The food is really authentic and the price is not bad! Try the linguine with Clams! Its amazing!

        For drinks, you might want to go to the Foundation Lounge at the Commonwealth. My girlfriends and I love going there. In addition to drinks, they have a japanese zensai menu where you can get things like sushi, spring rolls and edamame. The atmosphere is great too!

        Lunch at Piattini on Newbury is great. Spare yourself and DON'T go to Stephanie's. Its such a tourist trap and so generic. I really like Sonsie though. I think their food is way better!

        1. Figs on Charles Street is one of my favorite places in Boston- and there's a cute little Italian cafe right up the street open late for gelato or dessert! The mushroom pizza at Figs is divine, thin-crust with a really luscious mushroom puree. YUM. This fall Figs had a great appetizer - crispy asparagus fries - and their baked pastas, as mentioned above, are outstanding.

          If you don't feel like waiting in the North End, how about Giacamo's on Columbus in the South End? It's much less touristy and a really fun neighborhood, with the same fantastic food. A friend and I ate there last night and we were both delighted - the gnocchi stuffed with goat cheese and roasted red pepper in a tomato-mascarpone sauce is wonderful. They take reservations, while the one in the North End does not.

          On Newbury, I agree that Piattini is a fun little place for lunch - very good food (though some of the sauces can be heavy) and really charming atmosphere. The eggplant appetizer was delicious and unusual. Cafe Aroma (near Berkeley St) is a cute place on Newbury for a coffee, dessert, snacks.

          Have fun!

          1. Good places for a drink would be No. 9 Park, Spire, Excelsior, Bristol Lounge, City Bar, Eastern Standard, Bin 26.