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What's your favorite Brooklyn bagel shop?

A constant, but always worthwhile question: where do you buy your bagels in Brooklyn?

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  1. "BAGEL SPOT"...14th Avenue & 43rd Street...quality you can trust.

    1. bagel hole in park slope and bagel spot in borough park. i haven't found better in the entire city.

        1. Bagel Hole on 7th Avenue in Park Slope for sure. I've tried others like the one proclaimed great in the NY Times article a few years back in Windsor Terrace but they were all big, puffed up, and doughy. The Bagel Hole one is chewy the way bagels are supposed to be! In a pinch tho I will buy the mini bagels in Fairway. I like the size and they have the right texture...not 100% but ok.

          1. Kosher Bagel Hole on Coney Island Avenue between Ave. J and K, two or three doors away from K.

            1. bagel hole- still rocking it old school

              1. Terrace Bagels on 16th and Prospect park west. Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Perfect amount of seeds on the bagels.

                1. Bergen Bagels on MYRTLE!!! If ever there was a wonderful guilty pleasure, it is their #6 on an everything bagel with a DR. BROWN'S Black Cherry Soda!


                    1. bagel hole, hands down !!

                      1. Bagel Man on Metro Ave in Willamsburg and Mill Basin Bagel on Ave N in Old Mill Basin

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                        1. I would have to also go with Bagel Hole- easily the best in ny.

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                            I tried Kosher Bagel Hole (on Avenue J) for the first time on Sunday and was v. impressed. I would say it's as good as Bagel Hole on 7th Ave., maybe better. They were classic, chewy, tasty New York Bagels. It was also fun to see the steamy giant water vat where they boil them before baking, and actually seeing a wooden tray of raw bagels. Lately it seems like some of the bagels at the the 7th Ave Bagel Hole are too hard on the outside, to the point where they're dangerous to cut. This is a change. It's not that they're stale, just something not quite right.

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                              I personally prefer a really crunchy outside/crust with a very chewy inside to those too many bagel makers that make them as if they were making rolls, too soft all around, not enough texture inside or out....but on a different note, whats up with the newish ahbit of all those places placing tip cups in front of you ? Can't I get a sandwich or cup of coffee to go anywhere anymore without being pressured to tip the staff ? Aren't they being paid enough to do their job? There is no table service.

                          2. Terrace, in Windsor Terrace. chewy. they also have minibagels.
                            and nice whitefish salad.

                            1. bagel bazaar on 86th st near bay parkway in bensonhurst