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Jan 14, 2007 02:54 PM

New York-style pizza - Cincinnati area?

Hi, I'm a transplanted New Englander (Connecticut, specifically) and I'm just dying for some pizza that tastes like "home." I absolutely love the New York-style thin crust "folding pizza." Is there anything in the Hamilton/Fairfield/Greater Cincinnati area? Thanks, I love this site!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The recipe may get moved to Home Cooking even though it would be out of context. If you don't see it on this page look there.

    2. There are a few choices in the N. Cincy suburbs: Aponte's ( on Reading Rd. in the Mason area, as well as Fratellis ( Tylersville Rd. just a couple of miles to the west. Both make a decent pizza, though not one that will make you forget your favorite NYC-area pizzeria. Flying Pizza is (was?) also located in the north 'burbs, at the intersection of Montgomery Rd. and Fields-Ertel Rd., but I wasn't impressed w/their pie at all. Happy hunting!

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        Doh! The Fratellis url is Sorry.

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          Agreed on Flying Pie - dough too thick to be called NY Style.

          Fratelli's is thin but poor quality.

          I haven't been to Aponte's

        2. There's a pizzaria in Sharonville--I forget the name, but it's right on the main street through town--that claims to have authentic NY style pizza. I don't know how close it is, although I didn't think it was all that great. In case you give up on finding NY style and just want one of the better non-chain pizzas, NYPD with locations in Northside (on Chase just off Hamilton) and Cheviot (Harrison Avenue)is definitely my favorite.

          1. When I lived in Dayton we used to visit King's Island all the time. There is a pizza place there called LaRosa's. From what I remember it's fantastic! Looks like there are several locations in and around Cincy ...


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              I like LaRosa's for what it is, a local chain with relatively low-priced food. But it might be worth noting that all their tomato-based sauces are really really sweet.

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                It's known as Ohio-style pizza. There was even a program on food network about it. Sweet sauce, provolone cheese, and large pizzas are often cut into squares. Either you like it or you don't, but the sweetness isn't a draw back, it is how it's supposed to be. Emm, you don't seem to like Cinci food much. LaRosa's pizza isn't New York Pizza, it isn't Chicago Pizza, it is a chain. But it is good pizza, with quality ingredients, made in a local tradition.
                I just started looking around on this board to get some finer-dining local restaurant ideas for when my husband and I visit my family this summer, and I will admit your derogatory comment about the "blue collar" nature of Cincinnati on another discussion got me a little hot under the collar.
                Every comment I've seen from you has been so negative.
                Trust me, blue collar people do know how to eat. They just usually do their good eating at home, where it isn't so expensive. Mmmmm... grandma's potato pancakes, fried goetta, unsweetened applesauce and some sauerkraut. Good eating. By blue collar people. In a quiet environment, off of china with a table cloth and cloth napkins. Blow any of your class assumptions?

                Now, for NYC pizza in Cinci -- try Rocafella's in Sharonville. Not quite as authentic and good as what I had from the corner pizza place in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, but good NYC style pizza.

                11055 Reading Road
                Sharonville, OH 45241
                (513) 769-3128

            2. Try Gondola Pizza, downtown on Seventh between Vine and Walnut. It's not bad. As for LaRosa's, try their Little It'ly pizza; the sauce on that isn't so sweet.

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                Gondola is the worst pizza I ever had. It just tasted bad. It had a gummy crust, bland sauce, and strange tasting cheese. It makes Ci-ci's and Totino's from the box taste like gourmet.