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Jan 14, 2007 02:48 PM

El Taco Nazo

To whomever it was who pointed out that there are other El Taco Nazo outposts besides my usual standard on Garvey -- THANK YOU!

I got to introduce my wife to the wonder that are fish and shrimp tacos at El Taco Nazo. It's hard for me to decide who's better -- Tacos Baja Ensenada or El Taco Nazo -- but they can share the crown for all I care.

As some of you know, Die Ubergeekweib and I are moving to Orange County. We've had some problems along that front and ended up having to go down yesterday for some quick in-person decisions. We ended up in Fullerton near Bastanchury and Harbor and I said, "You know, sweetie, we're not too far from La Habra here. Let's go have fish tacos!"

Well, Mrs Ubergeek wasn't really into fish (or shrimp) tacos, so she got a carnitas burrito, which was really, REALLY tasty -- I got a combo with one fish taco and one shrimp taco.

Ah, so tasty -- an almost tempura-like piece of seafood, screamingly hot, with thinly-shredded cabbage, chunky salsa, and crema, on two corn tortillas. Needs a squeeze of lime (on the bar with the other condiments) to make it perfect. So good. So perfectly cooked. So messy.

Both plates came with a drink and a mind-boggling number of chips, which we swathed in that incredible spicy salsa. You can get rice and beans and a larger drink for 99c more but it seems superfluous.

A couple of those addictive fried peppers with salt and lemon -- what ARE those things, anyway?? -- and some carrots en escabeche and we were good to go.

It was so good. I'd forgotten how tasty it was, because I don't work in Rosemead anymore... but now that I know it's in La Habra, it will be a regular player when we move.

El Taco Nazo
121 South Beach Blvd
La Habra, CA

El Taco Nazo
9516 South Garvey Ave
South El Monte, CA

Note: Some of the El Taco Nazos have changed to Senor Baja ( I can't speak for their quality -- I haven't been to any of them since the switch.

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  1. I am a frequent diner at the Temecula outpost which I believe is now "Senor Baja" although the exterior sign still touts the Nazo.

    I always leave the place sweating due to my affection for those peppers.

    I havent been to TBEnsenada - but I am willing to bet SB/ETN can give em a run for their money.

    Uebrigens, Kommen Sie aus Deutschland?

    1. I love that Taco Nazo location. Yeah people have some fascination with TBE. These are cheaper and better. I go to that location regularly. there is also one in santa fe springs attached to a bowling ally that also has little cubed cucumbers in really hot sauce and lemon.
      those peppers you are referring to are deep fried with alot of salt and pepper added. they're so tasty. you just eat them by themselves.

      1. Tried Taco Nazo this weekend and while it was good I am not convinced that it's the best in California (despite their claim on the menu). My quest continues - have to try Senior Baja and TBE. Have to say the fish tacos at the Taco Sabrioso across the street was better at one point (their quality really varies though).

        Got both the shrimp & fish tacos, and found the batter a bit too limp, and too, too much crema. The tacos were just drowning in them. We like the potato tacos best, then the shrimp, then the fish tacos.

        The chile is called chile guerrito, according to the take out menu. Some of them are pretty mild, but some are deadly hot.