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Jan 14, 2007 02:28 PM

Kaufman Astoria studio area recommendations?

Many of my friends are actors who often work at Kaufman Astoria Studios. They are tired of the usual catered food. What would you suggest for a change near the studios? Unfortunately, Locale is only open for dinner!

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  1. Have you thought of S'Agapo? I haven't been there in years, but my recollection is that they were pretty good.

    Another recommendation would be Zenon, on 31st Avenue and 33rd Street. Great Cypriot food, moderately priced.

    1. I went to Cafe Bar which is only a couple blocks away from the studio and it was pretty good. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed and the food was pretty good (brunch standards with a mediterranean twist).

      S'Agapo looks tasty but it's on the expensive side if you're on a budget.