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Jan 14, 2007 01:31 PM

vegetable tagine and currant/pine nut couscous for dinner...what else to serve?

Any other sides/appies i can add? Making a special dinner tonight. Thanks.

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  1. a yogurt dressing,stuffed coconut turnovers and a Greek salad-

    1. How about a salad of arugula (or other assertive greens), mint, olives and oranges? And a Moroccan carrot salad - basically a cooked carrot dish served room temp.

      There is a pretty good selection of Moroccan recipes on Epicurious, believe it or not. Search "moroccan".

      A nice selection of fresh fruits would be good for dessert. You could do something phyllo-ish also.

      1. I think Mollie Katzan's Moroccan Orange Salad would be nice if you want a salad. It's refreshing and good with anything spicy. You don't need much else for your dinner, maybe small dishs of nice olives and feta.

        1. IndyGirl, would you mind posting your pine nut couscous recipe? Thanks!