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Jan 14, 2007 12:11 PM

Costco - Cuisine Solutions et al.?

Anyone tried any of the "nicer" frozen foods at costco? I noticed some lamb shanks, osso buco, and individual beef wellingtons. Just curious if these are tasty.

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  1. I keep the lamb shanks in the freezer at all times! They are quite tasty and with a green salad, a perfect dinner.

    1. The organic mashed potatoes actually taste like fresh potatoes. It needs a bit more Salt & Pepper, but always fixeable at home. The pork carnitas are also good, quite tender. My MIL fried up some panko breaded prawns the other night. I was delightfully surprised.

      1. The frozen lobster tails are outstanding. I haven't tried many of the prepared frozen foods.

        1. The tortilla crusted tilapia is excellent, so are the Handy crab cakes.