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Jan 14, 2007 09:55 AM

Elephant Walk: do you like it?

I've never been to the Elephant Walk, but I used to hear about it and want to go. I live in Central MA, but I'll be in Brookline (and Waltham) with a friend and we were thinking of going to one of the locations. Do you like this place?

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  1. Not really and certainly not for the price.

    1. you know, when i first moved to cambridge (mid 90s), the elephant walk was really exciting- i went there a few times and really loved it. i didn't know enough about the restaurant scene then to compare it to anything else but i do know there was a lot of buzz around it. ten years later, it seems to me that if you want to go to a nice restaurant in cambridge (or even boston), there are so many choices that rival elephant walk in ambience, food, and price. so the answer is - sure, i like elephant walk - but there are a bunch of places i like a lot more.

      1. I like it. It's not a go-to place for me, but I've been a few times and enjoyed it each time (the spring roll-ish things and some chicken dish that might have curry especially).

        The lunch prices are pretty reasonable; that might be a good way to try it.

        1. i was there last week, in cambridge. it is still very good off of both sides of the menu. the loc lac is inspired and the cambodian spring rolls are the best in the city. the cornish game hens were also perfectly cooked. i would go at least once because my bet is that you would return.

          1. Well, Elephant Walk is a bit Westernized, and it is comparatively expensive, but not everyone is adventurous enough for the specialties at very authentic places like Floating Rock. It's "Cambodian for beginners": a very pleasant setting, good service, cocktails and wine, and a whole French half of the menu for people too timid to even dip a toe into the Cambodian pool.

            I happen to think it's very good, and a good fine-dining option for vegetarians. I wish they had preserved the Cambodian-only, family-style menu at Carambola in Waltham, which seemed a bit less patronizing to Western diners, but they've remolded it into an Elephant Walk, too.

            I think the French half of the menu is predictably sub-par, and I always scrupulously avoid it until the dessert course. If you want French, go someplace that's doing French all the way.