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Jan 14, 2007 06:59 AM

is village idiot pub in hollywood any good

I searched it and didn't find any info.

went to Rustic Canyon tonight.
enjoyed it. we did get there early.
hamburger excellent.

still looking for something fabulous.
this was definitely good

curious about village idiot pub.
want to find fun pub that feels like scotland soon.

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  1. several posts on this the last few days. search Village Idiot

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. The village idiot has been great everytime I've been there, probably 5-6 times. The food has been consistantly good and the atmosphere if fun. It does get pretty busy, but I've always gotten a table within a reasonable time. And I've usually managed to get a seat at the bar if I'm waiting.
          The only thing I had that sucked was that apple tart. The cookies are really good!
          I've never had bad service there either.

          1. re: ecco22

            I had really lousy fish and chips there and the bartender was the slowest I've ever witnessed. Many minutes of empty glasses wondering how on a medium-slow night he could be so distracted as to not notice we were trying to spend more money on drinks and food. Haven't been back. Fish and Chips at cat and fiddle are far superior.