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Jan 14, 2007 06:14 AM

Buying beer in San Diego?

I live in Normal Heights and I'm a little disappointed with the selection of beers available at Vons/Ralph's/Albertsons and Trader Joe's. Are there any specialty beer retailers in San Diego? How are the prices?

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  1. How about BevMo, they have any branches in San Diego? You can go to their web site and see all the beers and order them online for pick-up at the store.

    1. There are lots of great places -- believe me, I spend more money on craft beer then I should. The problem is, you just have to travel a little bit.

      Bevereages and More is probably the most accessible place, and you should find everything you have wanted and more. My favorite is the La Mesa Store, which is huge. Prices are pretty reasonable.

      My favorite store is Holiday Wine Cellar up in Escondido. I also live in Normal Heights, but when im up in that area, I always stop there.

      Another favorite store of mine is South Bay Drugs in Imperial Beach. I know it sounds strange that good beer could be found at a drug store, but TRUST Me, it's awesome. The guy who handles their beer orders is a serious craft beer enthusiast.

      Clems liquor store in Kensington (across the street from the library on Adams) has a good selection but is pricey.

      Here is a good resource for everything beer in San Diego:

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        Thanks! I doubt I would have heard of South Bay otherwise. They pointed me to a great google maps mash-up:

      2. Another good resource is

        O'Brien's Pub in Kearny Mesa has an off-sale license that allows them to sell a limited number of bottles. I believe Liar's Club (Mission Beach) and Hamilton's Tavern (South Park) also sell bottles. These are probably the best bottle selections in town IMO. Whole Foods in Hillcrest also has a great selection.

        1. Holiday Wine Cellar is the best, though you will have to drive up to Escondido to shop there.

          They have a huge selection of Belgian, English, and German rarities. Make sure to check out their walk-in cooler for an expanded selection.

          1. Absolutely, A trip to Holiday Wine Cellar in Escondido is well worth the trip.