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Need caviar!

I need about 2 ounces of black Caviar for an appetizer. Don't want to spend a fortune. It's an app with potatotes and creme fraiche. Checked TJ's and it's out of season. Really prefer East Bay and would like to get it for under $20 for a couple ounces. Any ideas please

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  1. I don't think Trader Joe's has ever carried caviar and there really isn't a season.

    I seriously doubt you will find anything other tham mediocre lumpfish for $20, either.

    In the East Bay, probably Berkeley Bowl is your best bet but I'd call to check on their prices.

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    1. re: Carrie 218

      Berkeley Bowl or the fish shop in the Rockridge market hall.

      Trader Joe's used to stock caviar around New Year's.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        I asked at TJ's the other day (they carried hackleback and paddlefish in the past) and it's no longer something they can order.

        market hall has american sturgeon but it's about @20/oz.

    2. Last I saw, Beverages and More was developing a decent selection of caviar.

      1. If you are in SF, World Market on Geary is a Eastern European market that has about 7 big bowls of caviar at all price ranges. They keep it in big bowls like other deli's keep potato salad. Never tried it though.

        1. Spotted red capelin caviar at the Foster City Ranch 99 for $9.99/lb. and packaged in 1/4 lb. shrink wrap next to the salmon steaks. Maybe Richmond has it too.

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              It's labeled as capelin, and maybe as masago too. Ranch 99 also has tobiko and ikura.

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                They are great. Fun alternatives to caviar. Green ones too.

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                  The green is artificial color to make the wasabi-flavored eggs look different. Not a good substitute for caviar in most recipes.

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                    It's really not my thing, either. But consider the needs of the OP. Melanie kindly suggested a viable alternative to caviar, and I happen to think that wasabi tobiko also makes fantastic party canapes. You are not forcing people to eat it - it's offered as a choice. Plenty of restaurants have offered it on their menus, including Le Bernardin, Conrad Miami, Japonais.

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                      I'm not saying not to eat it, just warning about the wasabi flavor.

          1. For under $20?
            Have you tried Ikea? I am not positive, but I think I saw some cheap caviar there.

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              Great idea, I found what I was looking for at Ikea.

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                I am glad.
                I've come across lumpfish roe canapes quite often at large parties. Much better than some of the other offerings.
                Hope you had fun making them.

            2. check out 911caviar.com. Look at the American caviars, maybe Paddlefish, i think you can get 2 oz for about 30. A little more than you are looking to spend, but close...Bev Mo carries caviar as well but I think it may only be Sevruga and Osetra-you may want to call them or check their website.