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Jan 14, 2007 05:48 AM

Scottish Meat Pie Company

In my quest for haggis in honor of the upcoming Robert Burns birthday I found this "bakery" in Dixon, CA near Davis which makes haggis and various meat pies. Has anyone had any experiences with them? Is it worth a trek out to Dixon? Since Noble pies vanished from Oakland I have not found a source of reliable meat pies.

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  1. Here's a post from a customer, but no tasting report -

    1. I have nothing but good to say about the Scottish Meat Pie Company.Being an English exile living in Vallejo I make regular trips to Dixon to stock up on pies, haggis, sausage and black pudding all the things I miss from home and they are every bit as goos as my local butchers was.
      I would highly recommend them to eny British ex pat or the curious American.

      1. I had one of their meat pies at the Scottish Games in Oakland recently. It was ok. Small and not that flavorful but ok. Crust was kind of gummy I thought.

        1. When I lived in Sacramento I would make regular treks out to the Scottish Meat Pie Company. More often than not I would get bangers (tasty!). On occassion I would get the meat pies. The haggis is quite nice, but difficult to get from them sometimes. They are often out of stock. In fact, I don't think that they even make it most of the year. They only start making it in preparation for Robert Burns birthday. I would strongly recommend calling ahead to find out what they have in stock or maybe put in an advance order. Their hours aren't the most convenient and it's a long trip to make to go home empty handed.


          1. My parents both immigrated from Scotland and I lived in Glasgow for a while where I consumed my weight in Haggis Supppers from the local chippy's. Everyone has different taste, but I can tell you this. Their pies and haggis are closer to what you get in Scotland than anyone else's I've had here in the states. Granted, meat pies are not chalk-full of spices, but they are good, simple honest Scottish food. His haggis can't be beat by anyone out here.

            So is definitely worth a trip to buy some pies or haggis!!!