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Jan 14, 2007 04:22 AM

Suprises in Fenton, MI

I needed a spot that was in/near Fenton for a group of us to meet for dinner. As I search I came across a restaurant called... The French Laundry. Yes I was pretty shocked. On there website it looked very euro chic and they order their breads from Zingerman's, menu seemed like it could be delightful.
It was, great wine list, food, service. Everyone had a great night, it was definitely a packed house inside and from some other customers it is all ways packed. Only downfalls was parking (which we found was taken up by their addition) and we took home a few sweets from the bakery that were stale (cinnamon roll and a deviled cake, although the frosting was tasty). But the pineapple, apple, raspberry pie with a toasted coconut and almond crust was a treat..

I did not have the gall to ask about their famous name choice, and could not find any sort of 3rd cousin connection. But I am please to find a quant place in this region.

My Uncle stated he spends too much time in the mornings noshing on the bakery goods with coffee....

If you want to look =more into the joint.

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  1. And the breakfasts are great as well.
    We make the trip (25 minutes with a 3 and 5 year old) about once a month.