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Jan 14, 2007 04:02 AM

Indochine Vien in Atwater - off night for takeout??

On a whim, I skipped my favorite Vietnamese place downtown and picked up some takeout from from Indochine Vien. Ordered a vermicelli bowl with chicken and chicken egg rolls (where is the beef and/or pork??) I couldn't even eat it. First off - there were 4 small (about 3" long, 1/4" thick) strips of dry, overcooked chicken. There was a HUGE mound of vermicelli noodles and shredded lettuce (brown and wilted) with a few small scattered carrots. The sauce was extremely fishy (and I'm not scared of a little bit of a fishy fish sauce). The eggrolls were fine, they were crispy and fried fresh.

Perhaps I hit them on a bad night or something. It was very slow, and I'm reluctant to try them again. Anyone have a favorite dish there that's worth another visit?

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