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best chocolates in montreal?

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Please don't say Godiva. It's too generic and there's much better out there. I know there must be a great little shop that makes it's own. I just started dating a girl that I really like and she loves good chocolates. I want to send a box to her office. Thanks guys.

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  1. no no no godiva!!

    anyway, there's a great chocolate shop on st. denis called suite 88 chocolatier. i want to say its around the 3500 block, but its within the few blocks south of mont-royal. they have these great things called shooters, basically a cone of chocolate filled with some type of alcohol (vodka, whiskey, sake, etc.).

    also, in old montreal, there's a shop right across the street from olive and gourmando that im not sure of the name of, but it's quite good too. the owner, a woman named nadine, is an absolute doll and will be willing to help you with anything.

    good luck!

    1. mcgillfoodie is right on the ball, especially that Suite 88 packaging is very elegant. I would add another charming place, Juliette et Chocolat on St Denis, facing St DEnis Theatre for an afternoon crepe and marvellous hot chocolate and I personnally enjoy the Porto and cholates they have on the menu.

      Nice touch buddy!

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        Juliette et Chocolat is more somewhere to go than somewhere to buy a box of chocolates from.

      2. I'm gonna try Suite 88 tomorrow. I know she'll love them. Thanks guys!

        1. Laurier East & Fabre (actually on Fabre) there's a small boutique, whose name escapes me, that sells excellent chocolate (love their brownies). The few blocks on Laurier just West of Papineau are well worth checking out.

          1. In my opinion the best chocolates are at La maison Cakao. Very little place, everything's hand made right there, you can smell what's cooking when you enter. Their cookies are awesome as well and Edith the owner is wonderful and very easy on the eye ;o) It's at 5090 Fabre.

            1. For the best chocolates, I'd head to Chocolats de Chloé at 375 Roy Est. Or if she's a big fan of dark chocolate without any flavouring, a sampler of Michel Cluizel's Single plantation chocolates could be really nice. I know they sell it at Festin de Babette, 4085 St-Denis.

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                I second Chocolats de Chloe. I like the chocolate at studio 88 too, but prefer the homemade look of Chloe's chocolates. Chloe's is a tiny shop and they make the chocolates on site, literally a few feet from the display case. I had the pleasure of coming in one night when they were pouring some fresh caramel - the scent was intoxicating. Maybe you could stop by there on a date.

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                  I third Chocolats de Chloe. I discovered it Easter weekend last year by noticing the line in this tiny little store front. My curiosity peaked when I saw the line...couldn't be that bad with a line like that. We had the best Easter chocolates ever.

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                    I also agree with you all. I have tried the caramel, the Tortelines (salted caramel with a pecan all dipped in chocolate), the candied ginger dipped in chocolate (great!) and a vast selection of chocolates. Piment d'Espelette is particularly good. I don't care much for the chocolate bars, the firts ingredient being sugar, not cocoa. I also tried the 'kit' for hot chocolate: it was OK.

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                      Mmmm...just enjoying some Chloe milk chocolate masala bar. Really expensive (found it at Olive & Gourmando) but much better than Dolfin's version.

                      Just found out that Godiva is made by Campbell Soup.

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                    It seems like Bon Appetit (may 2007) also agrees with us - les Chocolats de Chloe are a Montreal destination not to be missed!

                    1. re: Simon Patrice

                      Is this place at 375 roy E or 546 Duluth E.?
                      The website indicates that the shop is at the second location....?

                      1. re: Yummylicious

                        Used to be on Roy. Has moved to Duluth.

                    2. http://www.chocolatsgg.com/
                      Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois - 514-394-1000
                      162, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, Montréal, QC H2T 2L3

                      they have the reputation of having the BEST brownies!
                      Maison Cakao (La) - 514-598-2462
                      5090, rue Fabre, Montréal, QC H2J 3W4

                      1. In West Island there is Bangerter of Switzerland (www.chocolatbangerter.com). The chocolates alone are worth the trip (in summer he makes his own ice cream). I can also recommend his cakes.

                        South shore there is Aux Trois Chocolats in St-Remi (887, rue Notre-Dame). I've yet to meet a sea salt caramel that is better than hers.

                        There is a sales location for Chocolats Genevieve Grandbois inside the Atwater Market.

                        Then again, if you really like this girl, you might just want to pick up a copy of the Montreal food guide (available at the cash register at Hamel's in the Marche JT and a million other places around the city) and take road trips to see just where the best chocolates are.

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                        1. re: librarian

                          I also recommend Bangerter if you are in the area. His "Montignac" chocolate cake (no flour, etc.) is intense and wonderful. Made to order only, I believe.

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                            I wanted to get some Swiss easter chocolates today, but the Chocolaterie Suisse on Crescent didn't bring in any this year, so I was trying to track down the place I'd heard about in the West Island. I finally found the name Bangerter, but when I tried calling the number, it's disconnected and the website gets redirected? Just curious if anyone can confirm that they've closed up shop?

                        2. I really like Andrée Chocolats at 5328, avenue du parc--their tiny shop has been there for decades and for good reason

                          1. Leonidas is real Belgian stuff and very nice.

                            605 De Maisonneuve West
                            Tel: 514-849-2620
                            Les Halles de la Gare Centrale
                            Tel: 514-393-1505

                            1. On the South Shore in old Longueuil you will find the delectable Marie Pommette:

                              CHOCOLAT MARIE POMMETTE Longueuil
                              160, rue Guillaume 450 679-0027

                              1. The best chocolates in Montreal are made, in my humble opinion, by Geneviève Grandbois.


                                1. propably the best chocolate in Canada is Dasklides, they have a huge variety, they look good but they taste even better. do not miss it. one of their store is at complexe Desjardins 150 st catherine west, if you get there you want also to taste the legendary Bilboquet ice-cream.

                                  1. Genevieve Granbois, hands down.

                                    1. If you don't mind imported as opposed to locally-made, I can highly recommend Debauve & Gallais, imported from France and sold in a shop in 1000 De La Gauchtietière. Very pricy, but as good as I have ever had. Beautifully packaged, too.

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                                      1. re: Artichoq

                                        FYI chocolate lovers -_ Chocolats de Chloe is mentioned in this month's Bon Appetit.

                                          1. re: swissfoodie

                                            I'm not a huge connaiseur of chocolate shops in our city, but the one at Jean Talon Mrkt is decent.

                                      2. The best chocolates are found at Les Chocolats de Chloé (546 Duluth East) and Le Maître Chocolatier (1612 Sherbrooke West). According to Voir, Le Maître Chocolatier uses Michel Cluizel chocolate.

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                                        1. re: pinalafina

                                          I really do not understand why Chloé is so highly-rated. I tried several of her chocolates a couple of years ago, and found that I did not like the base chocolate that she uses as it left a spicy after-taste in my mouth. When I eat a chocolate I do not like a spicy after-taste.

                                          1. re: souschef

                                            its a la mode to add all kind of spices into ganaches, even balsamic vinegar and olive oil, traditionally adding hot pepper and vanilla was the Mayan way to drink chocolatl, some chocolatiers try to persuade themselves and others that adding olive oil and vinegars will prove to be tasteful which goes completely against the European chocolatiers ways, which are going back to slow-food procedures doing chocolates the old fashioned way as seen by Confiserie Tschirren in Bern, Switzerland, you can also buy their chocolate here in Montreal on Crescent street between Sherbrooke/Maisoneuve its also Chocolaterie Suisse.

                                            1. re: yurgy

                                              My comment was based upon the base chocolate (Valrhona Manjari, I think), not upon the additions. It's the Valrhona itself that has a spicy after-taste.

                                        2. is you read french and want to make the turtles from chloe shop go http://aladistasio.telequebec.tv/rece...

                                          1. My wife and I sampled every chocolatier we could find in Montreal about 3 years ago ( about 20 places, including every one mentioned in this thread so far).

                                            Everyone raves about Genevieve Granbois, and while both she and her products are nice, they are ridiculously overpriced for what they are, which is good, but over hyped and over rated.

                                            Suite 88 is all about packaging and decor and the chocolates are passable but mediocre.

                                            The place inside March Jean Talon sells mall chocolate. Don't bother.

                                            The best, most interesting and most innovative chocolates in Montreal, in our opinion, are made by an obsessed madman named Jannic at Choco Bel near the Marche Jean Talon.

                                            You can taste the mans love and passion in each morsel. His hours are erratic. He speaks neither english nor french. The way he personally handles, wraps and packages each morsel is awe inspiring, they are all his children.

                                            Make sure you try the pine sap. Delicious.

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                                            1. re: aregularjoe

                                              Besides Chocobel, who else is very good to excellent IYO? I'm also one of the people, who think Genevieve Granbois is over-rated.

                                            2. Les Epinards on Mont-Royal at St-Dominique, a new traiteur with eat-in tables as well
                                              sells some delicious chocolates by a newcomer: Gaëlle Bourdeau,
                                              they post a weekly menu on their site for their dishes

                                              1. My chocolate base of choice is Valrhona so I would recommend Chocolats de Chloe (Duluth / St-Hubert), and Genevieve Grandbois. Up until last year there was also Chocolantara on Mount-Royal.

                                                I tried the Cacao Barry from the shop in Marche Jean-Talon, from Marius & Fanny and from Le Maitre Chocolatier and I didn't like it as much.

                                                I also occasionally eat Vosges' Bacon Bar (I bought 10 at wholesale price last year).

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                                                  I bought some Felchlin from the Swiss place on Crescent, and was amazed that I could really taste the difference between it and Callebaut in some madeleines that I made. The Felchlin (68%, from Bolivia) was superior. It was not cheap, but worth it.

                                                  1. re: souschef

                                                    Felchlin chocolates are ridiculously priced but indeed they are amazing. I like their bars for nibbling, but I am probably too cheap to cook with them.

                                                    I've been meaning to try Le Maitre Chocolatier on Sherbrooke, but it looks so fancy pants that I am worried that I will have to drop 20 bucks for 6 tiny bonbons.

                                                    Geneviève Grandbois is meh for the amount you pay for. Her chocolates are standard shells filled with some interesting combination. The shell is excellent quality, the ganache is good, the flavors are interesting; but the overall effect is some sort of taco party assembly line mix and match flavor. In fact I can say this about every other chocolatemaker in town.

                                                    This really bothers me in the Montreal chocolate scene. All chocolatemakers I have tried seem to use a standard "house" couverture for each chocolate they make and just fill them with some interesting flavoring. I wouldn't have mind if their price point was lower, but for 3 bucks a piece, this is lazy work. The couvertures are usually top notch quality, but it is like using the same meat for every dish in a menu (or using the same reduction for different dishes). Some flavors work well with some cocoa beans, and others work with others. Good chocolatemakers play with different couvertures and different origins instead of being lazy and treating the shell as a delivery mechanism for playful flavors. Honestly, I have stopped paying that much money for their "art". Instead I buy a good high end bar and enjoy it over a course of few days.

                                                    1. re: emerilcantcook

                                                      Yes, you will drop mucho bucks there - IIRC it was around $3 per chocolate. They were good, though, but while they're different from GG's or Chloe's, I wouldn't say they're better...

                                                      1. re: cherylmtl

                                                        I tried Le Maitre Chocolatier. I paid around 2.5-3 bucks for each, and they were fine. Good quality, classic flavors, nothing life changing but solid. Among a few I sampled I liked the one filled with home made pistachio/almond paste. Their caramel with maldon salt was good as well. The owners are very friendly and take time to talk about their products with great sincerity and humility. Still, I realized that I am a chocolate bar person. For me it is the difference between a well made cocktail and a really good scotch or wine. I like them both, but when calories and money are an issue, I think I can do without the former.

                                                      2. re: emerilcantcook

                                                        "Felchlin chocolates ........................ I like their bars for nibbling, but I am probably too cheap to cook with them."

                                                        The guy on Crescent will give you a price break if you buy a 2 kg bag of Felchlin, as he does not have to grind it up (which he does with the smaller 400g bags that he sells).

                                                  2. You will find the best chocolates at Fou Vrac, rue Fleury. They are made by Gendron Chocolatier. Simply put, the best ingredients make it worth the trip. Each chocolate can be bought individually but a box of 6 will come with a most creative and beautiful Origami wrapping, perfect for a gift. The ganaches are unique in Quebec. My favorites: fleur de sel caramel and white italian truffle (with real truffle morsels, but in season only) and other ones also like, mimosa, pistachio. They also have unforgettable lemon or lime chocolates. Take the time to indulge. No comparaison with Grandbois and all (overpriced for bleak flavors).

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                                                    1. re: crystalcandy

                                                      Do you mean?
                                                      1451, avenue Laurier Est, Montréal, QC H2J 1H8
                                                      Telephone : 514-522-9993

                                                    2. I had sampled four lovely chocolate shops in Montreal on a recent trip before I discovered Chocobel. I have eaten chocolates in France, Switzerland, Germany, England, Italy, Japan... Chocobel will still stand out in my memory. Many chocolate makers use interesting flavors, but they are often too subtle. These chocolates with their unique ideas and amazing pairings really live up to the flavor they promise. Wow. The refrigerated varieties featuring Parmesan, blue, and goat cheeses paired with honey, ice cider, raspberry, fig will probably never be mailable, but I am hoping that Chocobel will make at least its other amazing treats available on line so that I don't have to make trips to Montreal in order to enjoy -- much as I do like Montreal. For a chocolate lover, Chocobel will be a highlight of a trip to Montreal.

                                                      1. My favorite is Les Chocolats de Chloe, She uses Valrhona Manjari--a very nice 64% Madagascar--as her couverture and her flavors are nicely balanced and clean. Very French-style work.

                                                        I'm a chocolatier and pretty particular.

                                                        1. Chocolatrie La petit marie on 1354 Ste-Catherine est. They use exclusively Michel Cluizel chocolate.
                                                          Also said to be the best Ice cream in town!

                                                          1. My absolute fave so far is Divine chocolatier on Crescent between Maisonnevue and Sherbrooke. I love their chocolates as well as hot chocolates and hot cocoas

                                                            1. I was a big fan of the defunct Chocolantara on Mont-Royal

                                                              1. I'm going to throw in my 2 cents and suggest Suite 88, even though it's alreadya been mentioned. It's not on de Maisonneuve near Drummond and not only are the chocolate gorgeous to look at but the store front is also stunning. Juliette is a close second, although I have not tried any of their truffles. I would also recommend Chocola on Monkland as everything I have tried there thus far has been extraordinary.

                                                                1. jean-talon chocolate They are the ones that make all the specialty hollow easter Candy. I know its kind of generic but love the flavour of the chocolate much better than allens. I find every easter have to buy it when it goes on half price. I love it

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                                                                  1. re: burge

                                                                    They aren't real chocolate though.

                                                                    But i too had some for easter and real or not, they were good!

                                                                    1. re: SourberryLily

                                                                      They are good and they are real chocolate in my opinion. Kind of a Canadian tradition

                                                                      1. re: burge

                                                                        Whether chocolate is real or not is not a matter of opinion.

                                                                        1. re: SnackHappy

                                                                          Like SnackHappy said, it's not a matter of opinion but ingredients.

                                                                          I did chocolateering for 6 years (took the professional class, but was a sideline hobby) and checked the ingredients.

                                                                      2. re: SourberryLily

                                                                        Are we talking about those chocolate animals? Why is that not real chocolate?

                                                                        1. re: artstate

                                                                          Yes its real chocolate well Milk chocolate and it is yummy.

                                                                          1. re: burge

                                                                            Perhaps real is the wrong word for it? Having tried it and many other chocolatiers in Montreal, I would describe it as commercial and pedestrian. A step below Suite 88, which is also commercial and pedestrian.

                                                                            2 blocks form John Talon is Choco bel. See my comment below on his amazing work.

                                                                            My 2 cents. Your mileage may vary. Each to his own.

                                                                            1. re: aregularjoe

                                                                              I don't think they're talking about the chocolatier in the Marché... which is actually pretty good.

                                                                              1. re: Glaff

                                                                                I am talking about the one in the Marche, and it is, in my humble opinion, commercial and pedestrian.

                                                                                Again, to each his own...

                                                                                1. re: aregularjoe

                                                                                  You mean Chocolats Privilege, then. I agree their chocolate is rather poor quality. The Jean-Talon mentioned above is a different company.

                                                                                  1. re: SnackHappy

                                                                                    If you are looking at the row of permanent shops that is in the middle main area, with all the rows of produce vendors behind you, it is all the way on the right as I recall.

                                                                                    Thank you for helping to clarify. I will have to try the Jean Talon. Do you know where it is?

                                                                                    1. re: aregularjoe

                                                                                      I'm not sure Jean-Talon have a retail store. It's a brand you find in pharmacies and grocery stores.

                                                                                      1. re: SnackHappy

                                                                                        Actually Jean Talon makes all the specialty easter bunny's barbie hollow chocolate type

                                                                    2. Off Island, Laval Le Chocolune, Belgium method of chocolate making. Found on Ste. Rose Boulevard.