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Jan 14, 2007 03:43 AM

best chocolates in montreal?

Please don't say Godiva. It's too generic and there's much better out there. I know there must be a great little shop that makes it's own. I just started dating a girl that I really like and she loves good chocolates. I want to send a box to her office. Thanks guys.

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  1. no no no godiva!!

    anyway, there's a great chocolate shop on st. denis called suite 88 chocolatier. i want to say its around the 3500 block, but its within the few blocks south of mont-royal. they have these great things called shooters, basically a cone of chocolate filled with some type of alcohol (vodka, whiskey, sake, etc.).

    also, in old montreal, there's a shop right across the street from olive and gourmando that im not sure of the name of, but it's quite good too. the owner, a woman named nadine, is an absolute doll and will be willing to help you with anything.

    good luck!

    1. mcgillfoodie is right on the ball, especially that Suite 88 packaging is very elegant. I would add another charming place, Juliette et Chocolat on St Denis, facing St DEnis Theatre for an afternoon crepe and marvellous hot chocolate and I personnally enjoy the Porto and cholates they have on the menu.

      Nice touch buddy!

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        Juliette et Chocolat is more somewhere to go than somewhere to buy a box of chocolates from.

      2. I'm gonna try Suite 88 tomorrow. I know she'll love them. Thanks guys!

        1. Laurier East & Fabre (actually on Fabre) there's a small boutique, whose name escapes me, that sells excellent chocolate (love their brownies). The few blocks on Laurier just West of Papineau are well worth checking out.

          1. In my opinion the best chocolates are at La maison Cakao. Very little place, everything's hand made right there, you can smell what's cooking when you enter. Their cookies are awesome as well and Edith the owner is wonderful and very easy on the eye ;o) It's at 5090 Fabre.