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Jan 14, 2007 03:11 AM

Restaurant teriyaki sauce

Not sure how many of you all have been to Seattle, but on just about every corner we have either a thai or teriyaki shop. I have tried store bought sauces but am in search of that viscous, somewhat sweet, thicker teriyaki sauce. I have tried at home to no avail. Does anyone have a recipe or know how it is done? Almost every recipe I have ever seen consists of soy, sugar, mirin or wine and maybe some garlic and ginger. There has to be some thickening agent (maybe a slurry??). Either way I want to re-create the restaurant sauce so my roommate doesn't have to buy it for $5 a pop. Thanks

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  1. I make my own with a cornstarch slurry, but I don't have a very fine hand at judging how much will thicken it just right.

    Beware - once this stuff starts thickening at all it bubbles over in an instant, and getting it off the stove is extra-hard.

    1. I have had great sucess using honey instead of sugar.
      I had a great recipe that I started using about 5 years ago with soy sauce, mirin, and sugar, but started winging it with honey and a splash of rice wine vin, now i can't find the original recipe!
      Honey is great because it is already viscous, sweet, and has a savory undertone to it that blends well with many Japanese and Chinese condiments- not to mention it is clear, so even if your sauce isn't just right, no starchy residue will show up on the food or in your mouth.