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Jan 14, 2007 02:58 AM

Where can I buy fresh turmeric in LA (preferably close to Westside)?

Hi, I've recently moved to West LA from Berkeley, and I am missing my fresh turmeric. Where are places I can get it in LA (not powdered, FRESH?)?

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  1. I believe the Bodhi Tree carries fresh tumeric in the used book store behind the main store. They have a small room within the used book store where they sell wonderful fresh herbs.

    1. Bharat Bazaar & Samosa House
      11510 W Washington Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90066
      (310) 398-6766

      has some. was there today and picked some up.

      1. They have it at the Ranch99 store if you happen to be in the Valley.

        How do you use it?

        1. Like dorab mentioned - Samosa House has it... in fact you should be able to find it at any Indian market. Most Chinese/Asian markets carry it as well.

          1. Thank you so much! I'm going out today to get some.