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Jan 14, 2007 02:31 AM

Vacation in SF - Recommendations, Please

This year, the wife and I didn't buy one another Christmas presents (apart from a few stocking stuffers) and instead opted to spend 5 nights in San Francisco. We live in Los Angeles and have family in the Bay, including my wife's new niece. I've been saving up my freelance money (my regular paycheck goes towards those darn bill things) for a few months and we've budgeted roughly $300 a day for food.

Our plan is to eat at a nice restaurant every night, and we'd like to do one of each of following (with some possibilities listed for each)

* Italian
-- Perbacco
-- Quince

* French
-- Fleur de Lys
-- Chapeau!
-- Cafe Jaqueline
-- Boulevard

* Steakhouse
-- El Raigon
-- Alfred's
-- Lark Creek

* Seafood
-- no idea

* Something "San Francisco"

We're also interested in lunches, but we don't really have any set categories, but we want to get chinese and sushi and have fond memories as of Sam Wo's and we've heard good things about Brand Ho. Looking through SF chowhound I've read positive reviews for Aziza and Bong Su. We're also open to breakfast recommendations.

If it makes a difference we're staying at Hotel Majestic, where we've stayed a few times before and which we enjoy. I like how it smells like old books and I'm hoping the remodeling didn't destroy the charm.

We're a few hours from SF now (I'm posting this via my Macbook Pro through bluetooth to my Blackberry and on to the EDGE network)



* Random geekiness note, I love the fact that this site runs on Ruby on Rails, I've just recently started developing in RoR for both my 9-5 and several freelance projects. I've only deployed 1 app so far, but man RoR totaly rocks.

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  1. We have a reservation or Perbacco tonight so that covers Italian.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Yank Sing for dim sum.

        Press a Vi in the Presidio for lunch

        1. In the seafood category, go to either Tadich or Sam's Grill (in the SF Financial District), especially if you have never been to either before. Both are old-school restaurants that have been in business for decades and decades. Order whatever fish is fresh that day and have it simply grilled. Tadich also serves an excellent cioppino.

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          1. re: DavidT

            Last time I ate at Tadich, I assumed the salmon I ordered was wild. I should have asked the waiter, turned out, it was farmed. My daughter's sand dabs were so much better.

            1. re: walker

              Tadich has the name, but Sam's has the food and the old San Francisco feel. Try the Dabs ala Sam. When in SF, Dabs are a year round local fish. Sam's and Tadich were originally business men's power lunch joints with dark wood, trophy heads, etc. Women lunched at the more polite Russian Tea Room.

              1. re: WEkhardt

                Sam's is still a business lunch place.

          2. El Raigon is unique.

            With that budget, I'd do Fleur de Lys or La Folie for French.

            Something "San Francisco," Zuni or Delfina.