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Jan 14, 2007 02:29 AM

Recommendations for Kyoto and Osaka Sushi Experience

I'm visiting Kyoto and Osaka in 5 days and I'm looking for a good sushi dining experience. So far, my list includes:
- Kinbe Sushi
- Yoshino Sushi
- Kushihachi Sushi
- Uoshin Sushi
- Fukuzushi
- Koyoshizushi

Please feel free to comment on my list and recommend other great sushi restaurants in town. Thanks!

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  1. Cant help you there, but I would be remiss if I did not warn you that in Kyoto you MUST see Nishiki Market. The food stalls there are astounding. A foodie heaven. And the knife/cooking shop there is superb; I want everyhting. ii desu ne.

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    1. re: bengoshi

      My mom told me that there's a shop there where, when you purchase a knife they will engrave your name (in Japanese of course) into it. Do you know the name of that shop?

    2. Andrew123,
      Any chance of a report on your trip?

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      1. re: SLO

        Yeah I would love a report of your trip also.

        1. re: eatfood

          Phew ... Just got back and am dealing with alomost 4 weeks worth of jet lag.
          I will post a report and pictures soon. Unfortunately, as I was on a tour, I wasn't able to pick restaurants as often as I would have liked. In addition, I was cruising on the Inland Sea for much of the time (amazing).

          I will post when I'm a bit back to normal.

          1. re: SLO

            Oops, I didn't realize you went on a trip also, SLO. 4 weeks of jet lag must be brutal.

            I'm heading to Osaka/Kyoto soon, any quick tips on any spots you tried that aren't to be missed?