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Jan 14, 2007 01:58 AM

Dinner at Babbo

want to bring a friend of mine to Babbo for dinner who is disabled and uses a wheelchair. If we can make reservations by telephone we will inform them of that. However from what I read in a lot of the posts it seems always crowded, cramped and hectic.

Any insight would be appreciated?

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  1. The upstairs dining room is very tranquil, but I have no idea if it is wheelchair accessible. The downstairs is very loud and busy.

    1. How is "upstairs" ever supposed to be wheelchair accessible? Best bet is on the lower level, obviously. Yes it is always hectic from the instant they open and I'm not aware of how much mobility your friend has, but if he can slide himself onto a banquette I'm sure they could store his chair in the coatroom for the duration of the meal. Good luck and by all means inquire of the reservationist.

        1. Getting through the door and past the bar area to the downstairs dining room good be very difficult on a Thurs-Sat night. It is only about 10 yards from the door to the dining room but it is always 3-4 deep. Once you are through I think there is ample space in the downstairs dining room. The upstairs from what I can tell is stairs only, so not accesible.

          1. There is seating immediately on the right that might work - you won't have to make it past the bar area or worry about lots of staff traffic. Good luck :)