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Jan 14, 2007 01:58 AM

What made your best "dining experience ever" so special?

Tell us what made your best meal ever so special.

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  1. New Year's Eve+best friend/sister+great front staff+great vintage Bollinger Grand Annee champagne+great captain+great wait staff+great corner table+great double order seared foie gras+great lobster entree+great assortment of creme brulee+great Kracher sweet wine+great white truffle mushroom risotto gratis a la greatest chef Dante Boccuzzi of Aureole (IMHO)

    1. IMHO, company tends to trump all when talking of a complete "experience".

      1. Several years we had a reunion with the family one of my wife's friends from Shanghai in their home near Parsippany, NJ. The family was sheltering a Chinese Master Chef who had just finished a tour of duty at the Chinese Consulate in New York and wasn't quite ready to return to China. He whipped up an awesome feast for us all. The food and the joy of the reunion all blended together. That was probably my best "dining experience" to date.

        1. The best "experience" for me is not the best seat in a fancy restaurant its the joy of family and friends,mom's cooking and a poker table. I'll won't trade that for the world.

          1. My husband and I went to a five star restaurant on our honeymoon... the first and only 5 star experience we've had.

            For me, it was a combination of the food (holy cow), the respect (being doted over by half the restaurant), and the occassion (our honeymoon) that made it so magical and wonderful. My husband and I still talk about it quite frequently!