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A form or mold for thin, uniform crackers?

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Is there such a thing as a form or mold for making uniform crackers?
I thought about using a tortilla press but I thought that would be too thin.

The problem is that I am making crackers with a nut base rather than flour, so they are not as easy to roll/press with a pin.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. How about using two same-size cake or pie pans? Put the dough in one and press with the other. Should work.

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      That is a good idea. I could use circles of parchment to help with sticking.

    2. When I make cheddar pecan wafers, I form the dough into a log and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight. Next day slice and bake. MUCH EASIER, and better results IMHO.

      1. I have vintage heart-shaped refrigerator cookie molds (from old bridge sets), and have used these for crackers as well.

        1. I've thought about making crackers, too. I'm wondering if I can use a pasta roller to make them uniform. Has anyone done that? I've put off making it because I didn't want to deal w/ rolling the dough that flat. Come to think of it, can you make mini pie crusts and roll it flat in a pasta roller? It would make mini-quiches so much easier.

          1. Using a pasta machine works well.

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            1. You can use 2 wooden dowel rods(1) of the same size with a rolling pin to roll out the cracker bake.

              Do you know if the recipe calls for poking holes in the bake? None of mine did and I found a few of my cracker bakes flopped miserably to a crumble mess when the bake bubbled out of control. You need to poke a hole about every inch with a tooth pick to prevent excess bubbling

              Now if the recipe calls for you to "score", that is probably better. I use a piece of wood like that of a Dr tongue depressor and press 1/2 way though the bake about 1-2 inches apart. I like the club cracker look so 1 inch one way and 2 inch the other way.

              1) uniform round pieces of wood available from hardware, wood or craft stores.