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Jan 14, 2007 01:20 AM

Au Bon Pain-What Do You Think of the Place?

How would you rate the food and quality?

I personally think a couple of their soups are good (french onion, tomato floretine and pumpkin), they have the worst and smallest salads, sandwiches are hit or miss and the bakery items are not good. Thoughts?

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  1. Oh I love their raspberry cheese croissant. I've always loved their chicken tarragon sandwich, but the last time I had it the chicken tasted ancient and the sauce was bland. For fast food, I'll choose it over anything else.

    1. Au Bon Pain kinda gets a big "meh" from me. Their sandwiches aren't too impressive for me. I like their soups ok, but I don't feel like soup often. And their baked goods are cceptable. For a chain, it's not bad, but I don't really seek it out.

      1. I remember as a child, going to one in NJ. My lunch would be a ham and cheese croissant and a chocolate one for dessert. Then again, I was about 10 so Friendlys was 'upscale' for me. As an adult, I went to one in MA. I know I loved the scone I had but the rest was no better or worse than Panera.

        1. Au Bon Pain is just OKAY. I do agree their soups are usually decent. Their salads are pretty lame. They are mostly lettuce with barely any vegetables in them! All of their salad dressing options are SO fattening and you cant get just balsamic vinegar and oil!

          I will admit however that one of my all time favorite things from there is the Chicken Caesar wrap. There is something about it that just hits the spot sometimes!

          1. Never had lunch there. But there's one between baggage carousels and security in Pgh Int'l, so would usually pick up some muffins and/or filled croissant on return. For a chain, very good.