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Jan 13, 2007 11:23 PM

chinese delivery downtown.

I'm a little desperate. Looking for tasty reasonably authentic Chinese in the downtown area. Help!!

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  1. Highly reco

    They deliver great food. Call and they will go over menu with you.

    1. Only Canadian Chiese, read sweet and sour everything, fast food places deliver. Very few, probably none, authentic or semi-authentic downtown Chinese would deliver.

      Out in Scarborough, there are several decent non-Canadian Chinese, that would deliver. One is called Crown of Li's on Sheppard East at Birchmont.

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      1. re: mehungryalso

        That isnt at all true. E-Pan is excellent and they gladly deliver. They distribute menus in the neighbourhood.

      2. I highly recommend new ho king on spadina avenue.Authentic, flavourful. We love ordering the chicken hot pot, grouper hot pot and baby bok choy with sauteed octopus.

        1. Our go to delivery is Not Just Noodles on Yonge and Wellesley. Reasonably good food at very reasonable prices. The food is always well packed. (I hate it when the sauce spills all over)

          1. thanks folks. I'll try your recommendations,