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Jan 13, 2007 11:15 PM

Kolache in San Diego

Does anyone know where I can get fresh Kolache in San Diego?

I just got back from Texas, where there were Kolache bakeries galore. I have never tried and was eager to partake, but ran out of time and had to get back to SD. Now, I could kick myself for not
making the time.. for some reason, I now am obsessed with sampling.

I am looking for both the sweet and the savory versions.

I have seen some places like the Kolache Factory that ship, online, but would prefer not to have to go that route.

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  1. There is a church that makes them and sells them from ther parish hall at random times. Call the social Hall # not the priest. Ask when you can come buy kolaches (kolachi), they have perogies and sausages I think to. The kolaches are the rolled type more Slavic style than Czech (I prefer the individual ones). They were ok, a bit dry if a recall correctly. Everything is homade then frozen. Perogies were good. You can also get on their mailing list for food item orders throughout the year. They may know of a local bakery also.

    I am trying to find a place by me (I.E., OC, LA,) that makes the kind I like. Good luck.

    1. Right. The only place I can find them is Holy Angels.

      If you are on the I-8 and go/look north from the I-805 it is the church you see on the east of the freeway at the top of the hill...I just take that exit past it and zig zag back south and you'll hit it. They sell the food in the basement of the church and have hours posted on the door. I have gone during the week and usually find someone there.

      I always go near Easter for the kielbsa and butter lambs and sweet poppyseed rolls.