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Jan 13, 2007 11:15 PM

What food to serve at a single malt tasting?

I am hosting some colleagues on Tuesday evening to taste some single malts. I am supplying a comfy place, appropriate glasses, and something to munch on, they are entrusted with bringing the hootch.

This is perhaps the Final Frontier of alcohol which Mrs. K. has not yet mastered (and I’m doin’ my best to catch up). I can’t yet sniff something and tell which Highland or island it came from, but I am, at least, able to differentiate a Lagavullin from a Laphroaig. Give me time.

My question is: what can I serve – foodwise! – that will not get in the way of the tasting, but rather compliment it?

- Mrs. K.

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  1. Believe it or not, I love eating peanut brittle with single-malts!

    1. My father enjoys shortbread cookies with his single malts.

        1. My SO brought a can of haggis to a SMS tasting. Unfortunately, none of the guys there were manly enough to open it and give it a try. We ended up eating it a few days later: basically tasted like corned beef hash with some lamb in it. Pretty good, actually, though ridiculously overpriced for what is essentially a can of corned beef ($7).

          They had a lot of hearty food that night. I'm not sure it was intended to complement the scotch so much as provide a solid carb/fat/protein cushion for the alcoho.

          IIRC, they had roast vegetables, roast pork, pasta with some kind of meat ragu, various kinds of chocolate, and a pretzel mix.

          1. If you have access to some fresh scallops, i would serve these quickly seared. Diver scallops are generally the best. You get some protein and i think it matches well with some of the iodine in the Islay malts.

            Some smoked salmon might work well too.