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Jan 13, 2007 11:08 PM

Matzo Ball Soup Challenge

I love the Matzo Ball soup at Jerry's Famous Deli but would love to expand my horizons. I am sure many will disagree that their soup is great so give me some suggestions for the Westside, preferably west of the 405 but will travel for the best. Don't bother with Fromin"s - that did nothing for me. I will take Kosher or Non-Kosher. Thanks.

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  1. believe it or not....GREENBLAT'S up on Sunset.

    1. Langer's matzo ball soup is pretty decent.

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      1. re: RicRios

        I love Langer's matzo ball! Its the broth!

        1. re: cjla

          I will have to thirds for Langer's. Mmmmm.

      2. I get the MB soup at Junior's pretty frequently. Sometimes the chicken can be a little on the dry side, but usually a tasty bowl of soup. Westwood Blvd. just a quarter of a block north of Pico in West LA, (and while not quite West of the 405 - it's close).

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          I agree...Junior's is the way to go. You get a huge tub full for about $10-15...I usually get it to go when I'm sick. But it's got it all...matzoh ball, kasha, rice, kreplach, veggies, chicken, etc. It's enough for about 3 meals. The ball itself is fluffy and good.

          Factor's is really good too. It doesn't have all of the above, but I believe it's got the ball, kasha, veggies and chicken. Also quite good.

        2. Brent's deli in the valley or langers in LA

          1. I find the Matzo Ball Soup at Jerry's Deli disgusting, to be honest. Usually if something is greasy, at least it tastes good, but in this case, it's the worst of both worlds.

            But to be honest, I've never had any Matzo Ball soup that comes close to homemade, so that's what I do, so I guess I'm not much help! :-)

            I haven't tried it at Langers, so I guess I ought to...