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Jan 13, 2007 11:04 PM

Wedding Cake Bakery Recommendations for Bar Harbor Area?

Need suggestions for bakerys for either wedding cake or wedding cupcake tiers. thanks

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  1. Hi there. I can direct you to just what you need. High end but beautiful (I mean better than NYC - really great) you would have to go w/ Janice Strout (sp?).
    There is a new baker in Town Hill Layla at Delice.
    Morning Glory Bakery in Bar Harbor is pretty good.
    Cas Ole does a great "homestyle" cake.
    If you want more info....I will give you my email.
    Where are you geting married? What type of ceremony?

    1. Thanks. It is for a niece's wedding the end of July. I will pass the suggestions on to her.