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Jan 13, 2007 10:59 PM

Best Breakfast or Brunch spots

I am looking for a great, reasonably priced breakfast or brunch spot in the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville/Medford area. Was not too impressed by Soundbites, although I was only there once. We often go to The Lighthouse on the weekends which is pretty good. We aren't looking to spend $40 on breakfast on a typical weekend so places like Henrietta's Table or Harvest are out. Ideas?

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  1. I haven't been for years, but Johny D's in Davis square, hands down. Unless it changed, it was mine and everyone I know's favorite brunch. Inexpensive, great jazz, creative and tasty food. All meals used to come with delicious homemade raisin and brown sugar oatmeal. Best thickest hugest pancakes around. Creative omelets, sides etc. People here will have to vouch for whether it is still good since it's been several years since I have been around that area. But i miss it. Nothing like that on the North Shore.. :(

    1. I just noticed that someone asked the same exact question in 1995 name jojo, even saying the same places they didnt want to go too. (maybe it was you with a different name). So if you search that, there were other recs there too. Also if you ever get the urge to go to Portsmouth NH, best breakfast ever is The Friendly Toast. Very very creative huge menu and fantastic kitcsh decor. you can search it here..

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        1995? I don't think I would rely on 11 year old recommendations...

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          Yeah, it definitely wasn't me asking in 1995 --I had just graduated from HS!

      2. B-Side lounge has brunch on Saturday 11-4 and possibly also on Sunday (anyone?). Some great dishes, not very expensive. I highly recommend the bacon,bacon,bacon and eggs, or just the regular eggs with sides. The home fries are great. The french toast is a disappointment, however, even though it could have been good (maybe it was just the day I had it---the batter hadn't soaked through the bread) since they use Iggy's brioche bread.

        1. b side does have brunch on sunday- it's actually my favorite brunch spot in the area.

          1. panificio's is unbelievable. great pastries, good coffee and i just had their eggs benedict with smoked salmon today. sooooo good :-)

            they have two locations, the one in beacon hill (i've been unimpressed by that one) and the one at commonwealth and mass ave in back bay - this location i've been there 5 times in the past weeks.