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Jan 13, 2007 10:47 PM

Looking for Good Mid-to High End Restaurants in San Diego

This could be any type of food, just nothing too touristy please.

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  1. Tapenade in La Jolla is outstanding.

    1. I agree - I cut and pasted this from a recent response I sent to someone who asked for restaurants in San Diego. None of these are touristy:

      Sushi Ota or Ono Sushi are good for sushi - I also like Japengo's sushi, though the atmosphere is a little overbearing.

      For fine dining, I'd recommend Market, 1500 Ocean, Jack's La Jolla, Parallel 33, the Wine Sellar Brasserie, Tapenade, 910, and JRDN.

      For more "bistro" style dining - I'd suggest the Linkery, Jayne's Gastropub, Modus, Cafe Chloe, and Vagabond - but only if you like mussels. It's the only thing I've had there that I liked - but they were fantastic.

      For quick service cafes/bakeries - Bread and Cie, Extraordinary Desserts, Con Pane, the Pannikin, and Cafe Zinc are favorites of mine.

      I have links to most of these places on my blog at, or you can just Google the name and San Diego and come up with a website or address for most of them.

      Good luck and have fun!

      1. what part of SD county are you looking for? how far are you willing to drive/take a taxi?

        1. ill second ono, chloe, parallel, market and i hear only good things from others in the industry about 1500 ocean...

          1. Market-far and away our favorite place in the entire county. It's on Via de la Valle, about a mile east of I-5