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Jan 13, 2007 10:32 PM

copyright oops , maybe?


I just joined the new chowhound site today and have been browsing around reading and posting. I used to post/read the old site intermittantly, and am happy to see the new site - much easier to use!

Anyways, I shared a recipe from a cookbook I own on the soup-cook off thread in homecooking. And then a while later, I noticed your policy on copyright. While I'm pretty sure that sharing the recipe like I did would be considered a fair-use thing to do ( I credited it, etc) , I'm not sure what your policy is.

If this is an oops on my part, could you please delete that post? It'd be easy enough for me to re-write just a cookbook/recipe recommendation.

Thanks a bunch,


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  1. Hi Anne, and welcome back to the new! We've deleted your post, as you requested.

    Our rules on posting recipes remain the same: If the recipe is published on the web, please just provide a link by pasting the URL into your post. If you are posting a recipe from any copyrighted source that you cannot provide a link to, you should list the ingredients exactly as written in the recipe but paraphrase the instructions in your own words. Please cite the source but also be sure to say you've paraphrased the recipe, so we know there's no copyright issue.

    We (and all other soup-loving hounds!) would appreciate your reposting under these guidelines.

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      Hi Chow Team,

      I just posted my first recipe and it's based on a dish I had at a restaurant. I'm wondering whether I should credit the restaurant (i.e. actually mention the name). Currently I've just said "a restaurant in Toronto".

      I entirely recreated the dish on my own but I just want to make sure that there are no rules against doing this. I guess I'm also wondering whether this is something that a restaurant would be upset about. Since I created it myself I'm not sharing their secrets but it definitely has a direct resemblance to the restaurant's dish.


      1. re: foodio

        If you created the recipe yourself, it's fine from a copyright perspective, even if it's based on a dish you've tried. The copyright is in the expression of the recipe, not in the dish itself.

        Crediting the restaurant that inspired you would be a nice thing to do, if you'd like to, but it's definitely not something we'd require.