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Jan 13, 2007 10:08 PM

Prune -- How Early Should I Line Up For Sunday Brunch?

How early should I line up for Sunday brunch? If I get there around 10 am when it opens, can I count on being seated within the hour?

(please note: generous attempts to dissuade me from going will be futile ... I have my heart set on trying their brunch!)

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  1. The time I went to brunch we showed up at 10 AM with a party of 45 and were seated right away.

    1. oops. I meant party of 5!! LOL

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      1. in my experience, if you're there by ten you will be seated right away. the crowd is not as big as clinton street, which has a full restaurant of a crowd waiting outside by nine forty-five! prune rocks. hope it was a good time!

        1. Thanks all for the advice, everyone--we ended up getting there at 10:30, and my friend and I were seated within 5 minutes.

          Great coffee. Huevos rancheros were so-so. The Dutch-style pancake was magnificent! Will definitely be back for that.

          1. the pancake is one of the few things i haven't tried yet so thanks for sharing! i agree the coffee is great. other suggested brunch dishes are the fresh ricotta, the spicy stewed chickpeas, and eggs en cocotte.