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Jan 13, 2007 10:07 PM

Delivery IN Chinatown


I live in Chinatown and none of the Chinese restaurants here deliver. Aside from Pizza Buona and BBQ king, any idea of good restaurants that might deliver here?


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  1. i struggle with that myself, living in chinatown...hmmm...i guess i just give up and end up going out to eat or cooking myself.

    1. as a fellow chinatown rat (or is it hound?) i concur with the lack of delivery options. i think "good taste" (now "jade wok," depending on whether you read the sign in the window or above the shop) delivers, but really, that place is craptastic. most chinatown food is pretty horrible - i hardly ever eat the stuff, so i sure as heck don't want it delivered to my door!

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      1. re: rameniac

        rameniac...agreed. that's why when i don't want to cook...i just go to my old reliable of eating at pho 87, on the northern edge of chinatown. never a wait with okay food at great prices (not there for the ambiance though).

        i'll give extra chowhound brownie points to anyone who can successfully answer the challenge posed by this thread.

        1. re: ctowngal

          lol yea 87 is like eating in someone's dingy living room. the place with the chiu chow beef and fish ball noodles at the other end of broadway (i can't even think of the name at the moment, but it's in the same mall as pho 79/97) was surprisingly ok the last time i went there. ask for the "skinny rice noodles" if you want a pho-style noodle soup with some non-pho fixins'.

          hoan kiem in the same mall is also supposed to be pretty good for chicken pho but i've never seen the place open. what sort of restaurant CLOSES at 6pm ><...

          1. re: ctowngal

            Try Domino's Pizza (213)413-8444, and Capperi in Little Tokyo (213)613-1003. Koo Koo Roo Chicken Restaurant says they deliver. Call the one on Grand Ave. and ask them. For other Pizza delivery, there's the famous Damiano's on Fairfax. Their pizza is good, but rectangular shaped instead of round. Because of their location, It takes awhile to deliver here in Chinatown, though. Damiano's Italian dessert called Cannoli is VERY delicious. I think everybody should try a Cannoli if they get a chance, it's that good.

            Regent China Inn and Hoy King also deliver in Chinatown.

          2. re: rameniac

            Actually, I like the hot n sour soup from Good Taste. Then again, I've never met a hot n sour I didn't like. My friends and I used to go here for a super cheap lunch, but the food was always average. I definitely like it better than those Rice Garden places though.

          3. Okay, so far nothing but as a side question, what is up with the L.A. Pizza Company on Figueroa just before the 110 entrance? They have been under construction for months now, look like they are ready but never open!! THEY probably will deliver, although we can already get pizza from Buona.

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            1. re: PlanDan

              Hmm...I guess I never thought of Pizza Buona. Don't know much about the LA Pizza Company though. Which 110 entrance? I'll take a look the next time I drive by.

              i get these pizza hut coupon circulars so i assume i could order from there...but *sigh* i feel so let down. doesn't look like any one of us could really answer your question with some good chow. pizza buona is just sorta "a'ight" IMHO.

              1. re: ctowngal

                L.A. Pizza Company has been trying to open on Figueroa a block and a half north of Cesear Chavez on the east side of the street for the last several months.

                1. re: PlanDan

                  OH man! No kidding. That's super close to Chinatown. Do you know what has been the holdup? It must be in that rehabbed theater complex? I really should take a walk over there and check it all out. Don't quite know what to make of the place.

                  1. re: ctowngal

                    Looks like L.A. Pizza Company is open. I haven't been yet. Anybody been there yet?

                    1. re: PlanDan

                      dag! not yet! but i just saw that new thread about it. let me know if you go! i'll go soon and report back, PlanDan.

            2. Maybe it's just me, but when I'm living in Chinatown, I don't really need delivery from Chinatown. On a rare occasion when I'm not sick of all the odors, food and other, from my neighbors' apartments, I'll walk around to grab something. Of course, half the time I end up at Spring Street Smoke House eating pulled pork.

              1. The Plum tree inn delivers with a $100.00 minimum

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                1. re: afs

                  ha! you GOT to be kidding me.

                  1. re: ctowngal

                    nope. It's on their take out menu too.