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One meal in Center City -- for one -- any suggestions?

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Attending a conference in a few weeks. I am staying at the Marriott, Center City. Want one wonderful meal, but will likely be dining alone. Any suggestions? Am open to anything!

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  1. Try Rangoon, on 9th near Arch - it's a short walk from the Marriott. If you haven't had Burmese food, you're in for a treat.

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      Please describe what one should expect or what you recommend Shellybe.

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        Rangoon is very tasty - inexpensive, unique, and very casual. I definitely would never go there without having the string bean salad -- it is better than you think string beans could possibly taste. I also like the layered breads that come with curry on the side. You honestly can't go very wrong there.

        Pasion is wonderful in a completely different way. It's upscale latin fusion. I thought the steamed baby goat there was just amazing. More of a night out place than Rangoon, but I'm really not sure whether either is better for a single diner. I think you'd be fine at either (or at many other restaurants in Philly).

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          They do have a sushi bar at the back of Pasion. Perfect for a single diner (but recent reports have the food heading south...)

    2. Pasion has a great option for single diners. A chef's counter facing the kitchen. Great for apps, drinks and complete dinners.

      1. Burmese noodle dishes are amazing - heavily spiced but not spicy hot. The salads are unique -espcially the sting bean salad. Make sure to order thousand layer bread. Ask for advice from the owners, who are great hostesses.

        1. for a solo dinner, i have fun when i go to tria and sit at the bar. not a typical "dinner," as it's a wine/cheese/beer bar with small plates offerings, but i'm certainly able to make a very satisfying dinner of it. i just went, and had a couple different cheeses, a sheep's milk (i think) and a super-stinky blue cheese, the goat cheese/pesto brushetta, some tomato soup, several very yummy sauvignon blancs (on the 'zippy' portion of the wine menu) and what i've fondly dubbed the dessert grilled cheese (mascarpone & caramel panini). rittenhouse square area, 18th and sansom.

          also there's a cheap sushi joint nearby (17th and chestnut-ish?) called tokyo lunch box. there are singles seats on the window there, great for people-watching.

          1. Rangoon is good. Also - Vietnam Restaurant is one of my favorites in that neighborhood. Its on 11th just south of Vine, on the East side of the street. El Vez at 13 and Sansom is also fun solo. All three are walkable from where you are staying. The Rittenhouse and Old City neighborhoods are also worth the taxi ride, probably $5 or so.

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              vietnam is a very good place to eat alone, as are most places in chinatown. lee how fook next door is a fan favorite for chinese food.

              if i was going for one meal alone, i would probably go to a gastropub or bar for the people watching.

            2. i really haven't seen much going up about ansill lately, but it was the splurgy restaurant of a trip a couple months back and i really enjoyed it. i didn't go alone mind you, with a boyfriend... but the other diners sitting next to us were so friendly that we ended up sharing wine and a couple plates by the end of it.

              loved the shirred eggs, found the pork belly to be incredibly salty, cheese selection was fantastic (a very beautiful blue from italy that wasn't gorgonzola that i'm searching high and low for), service gracious and helpful. they have a bar as well if i correctly remember.

              ps. the wine was fantastic and well priced, but that might be just because i'm stuck with the lcbo in toronto.

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                I was going to suggest Ansill, but it's a bit far away from Center City. It's a nice place to dine solo, though, the bartender(s?) are very friendly.

              2. I think I might put Tria slightly over Rangoon for solo dining. Though Burmese food is rare and delicious, there's a lot there to try and you'll be kicking yourself for all that you're not trying. Maybe save it for a group if you return.

                I've been to Tria an unusual amount lately, and they've got some great stuff on the beer/wine list currently.